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iphone 4 black cover

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Every single iphone 4 black cover displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Of course, you can find them from iphone 4 cover replacement, pink iphone 4 cover. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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iphone 4 black cover Customers Reviews

  • Fits well and looks great

    posted by bjfmason

    Nice look. Appears to be very sturdy, doesn't obstruct camera or crappy iPhone flash.Very easy to install, simply undo the bottom screws, slide the old back off and slide the new one on and do the screws back up.
    If you want yor phone to stand out a little more or are interested in seeing the inner workings, you can't go past this.
    Great value and great looks. Well worth the money, getting a replacement back to the phone cost more then getting this. Does the same job and looks better than stock.
  • Great size

    posted by Gabbz

    These little rubber protectors are great!
    My last iPhone (3GS) was so filled with dust and particles that I didn't understand how it would charge at all.
    I found these protectors just as I bought the iPhone 4.
    They are excellent size and fits neatly in place even with protective casing on the phone.
    The first protector I found was a bit too big for my protective casing.
    I have a casing which covers the edges completely, and with pretty tight space between the casing lips.
    I lost the protector after only a couple of hours. It fell off in the pocket and even out in the open, due to the iPhone casing.
    These port covers are a smaller version though, and they easily fit, even with iPhone casing.
    Great size! Small enough to allow a big protective case.
    Fits perfectly and sits tight.
    Easy to lose when you charge your phone of course, be sure to put it close to the phone or on a light area.
  • Iphone 4/4s case

    posted by Martijn56

    This case, it is a very nice case for your iphone 4/4s. The case fits perfectly on the iPhone and it gives your iPhone a new look, and protects it! I recommend you buy this case because its only 4 dollar and such nice quality! It looks great and it's good material!
    Very nice case! I would recommend it if you are looking for a case. It looks very nice and its made of durable plastic material which wont break easily
    Just buy this product from DX! I got it in my hands AFTER 10 DAYS from the order! I think that is very fast!
  • Feels good to hold

    posted by ahjo79

    Very nice case. Very reccomended as on the picture but use it only with original phone not copy cause not fit. Not the same size. but for IPhone is fantastic! Comes in 2 pieces. Thanks!
    Keeps your iPhone clean and pristine every time you use it
    Round edge finished mouth for easy removal& insert of your device
    Color: black
    This iphone 4 case looks very classy and also sleek, is not too bulky and does a good job of protecting the phone and the camera lens, i recommend it!
  • Very Protective Case

    posted by maalrivba

    It is exactly as shown the photoIt fits perfect on the iPhone 4It feels like it is made from nice materials.It will protect the phone in any situationYou can keep credit and debit cards in it.Inside the leather case, there is a smaller plastic case where the iPhone fits perfectly, so it won't slip from it.
    It is a good product. It feels good and keeps the Apple iPhone 4 or 4s in perfect state.
    If you want your iPhone to be safe in a cheap Cover Flip this is the best choise.Greetings from Mexico.

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