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iphone 4 battery

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iphone 4 battery Customers Reviews

  • Another Dealextreme winner!

    posted by chetvaldes

    Great price, great capacity. Can be used 1 to 4 cells. The charging works well. It has a handy little white LED for an emergency torch. You can get the batteries for free if you have access to thrown away laptop batteries.
    Took awhile to find that the white LED goes from dim to bright when you push the test button (only when the unit's on).
    Very handy thing to have around. You won't be disappointed with it unless yours is broken or something.
  • Great Buy! Very Easy to Install

    posted by ahmadhz

    Slides perfectly into position, once you screw out both pentalobe screws at the bottom and slide off the old battery cover.Screw again and you're done!
    It came with a protective sheet of nylon that protected it from scratching, so it looks brand new (which it is!)Make sure to have an iPhone dis-assembly kit, or at least the tiniest pentalobe screwdriver you can find. There are many kits available here on DealExtreme.
    If you want to give your iPhone 4 a great geeky look, this is the accessory you should buy!
  • Nice update for your phone

    posted by PatriqB

    Although I haven't actually measured the capacity, my impression is that this battery is better than the original battery. It fits with a breeze and the price is comparative with the original battery taking in to account the capacity.
    It is possible that the lifespan is shorter than the original battery, even though the capacity is higher. I don't have any way to judge this, since I've owned the battery for such a short time. In all honesty the lifespan might just as well be as long as, or longer than the original dit.
    Nice update for your phone.
  • Good product for the price

    posted by Maxfire2626

    This emergency phone charger is mostly well made and designed. It is good that it runs on AA batteries because u can buy them almost anywhere. the small led flash light on the top is bright and always works well. The USB phone/iphone/ipod charger works well most of the time. The small red L.E.D is very useful showing you when the batteries are running low. It is a very good size and easily fits in your pocket.
    You would probably be better of getting a portable charger with its own battery, unless you need to do a lot of charging.
    Only get this if u don't mind buying lots of AA batteries for it. But it is well made and strong enough.
  • Very nice unit

    posted by landau351

    Fits my TrustFire protected batteries. Works as expected. Charges the phone via the standard UDB. I was fortunate to have the Nokia style min-USB cables so can easily recharge the unit at home or work.
    For this price I get nearly 10,000ma battery pack.
    I would recommend this unit but it REALLY need instructions.

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