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iphone 4 back case plastic

These cool iphone 4 back case plastic are high quality and at affordable prices. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Of course, you can find them from iphone 4 back cover case, back case metal iphone 4. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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iphone 4 back case plastic Customers Reviews

  • black and white case

    posted by kbali90

    This case made from very good matirial. The back of the case made by very good design. And the case fits very well. This case is the captain of my soul.
    The tittle is cool. It looks good in white and black phone as well. The back of the case is white, and it is a little bit shinny. The inside and the side of the case is matte black.
    Cool and lovely case for everyone.
  • Very cheap and Very good!

    posted by Shezi

    The fit is perfect.- Plastic quality seems to be very strong and durable.- Smooth surface.- Ultra-thin and light.- Packing was a little ugly but that doesn't really matter.
    Very good product for the price.Can't really vouch for the plastic durability cuz it has been only on day use, but it seems good enough.
    For bucks this is a very good protective plastic case. I bought two just in case. And ofcourse I would recommend everyone to buy it!
  • Nice case for cheap price

    posted by Copraonu

    Really beautiful case(more beautiful than it seems on picture) for a really good price. Many of my friends asked where did i get this, because everyone like this case.
    I advise to buy this case if you want something beautiful and you don't want to pay much money.
  • Must!

    posted by HayRucker

    The best thing about this case is the fact that its transparent, which doesn't hide the beautiful design of your iPhone. A must have for all iPhone users. Unlike the other review, fits perfectly on my 4S.
    Your iPhone will look very handsome on this.
    Considering the cost and benefits, and if you're looking for something simple and that will protect your Phone, this one should be your choice.
  • cool case

    posted by Sad33m

    Very unique case if you are in canada, we do not have any cases that light up here. Very light weight, and does indeed light up when sending texts, calling and answering. Will also light up sometimes when dropped, slapped, or on its own. Battery never dies in it, constantly used for 5 weeks now with 1000'of texts sent and recieved and sampld battery that came with it is still working, god knows how long a duracell or energizer button will last in it
    Good alternative to a silicone skin that will trap heat and toast the battery
    Cool, eye catching case

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