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iphone 30 pin to 8

On this page, you can find a wide selection of iphone 30 pin to 8. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. iphone 5 8 pin to 30 or 8 to 30 pin adapter contains many hot and popular products. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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iphone 30 pin to 8 Customers Reviews

  • Work as described

    posted by feiru

    It works, and it is reasonably priced. I have lots of charger and cables from the iPad2, but cannot be used on my iPhone5. With this converter, I could connect to all of them. I can also use this with my other adaptors that I've purchased earlier to VGA port for presentation purpose (not that I want to do any from iPhone5 though).
    Although sound cannot be transmitted with this converter, overall it serves the purpose that I bought it for --> connect to the old USB cable and the charger.
    A worthy alternative to buying lots of new charger etc.
  • Really good, but not steady enough

    posted by Rossay

    Most of the iPhone 5 docks are sold for 40$ ! I was expecting something cheap, but it looks good. Uses a 30pin dock connector, hence doesn't necessitates a lighting cable.
    Would be cool if we could remove the jack connector when we need to.
    Really good deal. Carefully compare the two iPhone 5 docks sold on DX to be sure you chose the right one for your use.
  • 30 pin Charges but doesn't sync

    posted by resnad93

    *Portable*Convenient*Works well*Super handy
    This is a handy and great cable to have around but the 30 pin end does not sync anything, I tried an iPad 2, an iPod Classic and an iPod nano and none were recognized by iTunes...It does however let you charge 2 things simultaneously.
    Great for those who travel and have an iPhone 5/iPad 3 or iPhone 4S/iPad mini but keep in mind that the 30 pin won't sync!
  • good adapter

    posted by tunanta

    The device works perfectly with any 30-pin cable and helps you to avoid have to buy more and more cables for your apple device. With this you can continue using your old cables
    It´s small and confortable to carry in your bag and as i said before you can use your old cables and carry only one if you have more than one apple devices
    the change of the cables of the apple devices would not affect you thanks to this
  • Works as advertised - no audio out

    posted by Romax

    The unit looks good, build quality seems reasonable. The fact that the Lightning connector sits a little higher on a plastic "base" might mean that it will work with some phone cases still on that the actual Apple adapter will not, since the connector sticks out further.
    The bang for the buck is good for a charging and data adapter.
    This adapter works as advertised and the price is good. It does not say that the audio will work. The actual Apple adapter contains authentication circuits and Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) circuits which I'm not sure anyone has reverse engineered yet. And any licensed products will cost about the same as the Apple adapter.

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