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iphone 3 Customers Reviews

  • I works well!!!

    posted by jytkd

    This kit of joint of SIM cards gets all that you need. If your iPhone dies, you can put your SIM card to another phone. I had one of micro SIM, but with iPhone 5 I needed another for nano SIM.
    Some troubles comes with use along time. Some adapters can become lax and lack of fit of SIM can disturb smartphone use. I think that plastic materials, including the SIM card too, can suffer this wearing out.
    Needful kit for iPhone or other NANO SIM users!
  • Great quality

    posted by wolfyllow

    - Great quality- Rubbery material- Stable- Suitable for many devices- Useful for any desktop
    I used it with Nexus 4 everyday for 1 month and works perfectly :). Despite it is made of rubber, it seems it will not stretch out (the material seems strong and durable). Since I am using it, it never fell down.After getting a smartphone notification, it is very useful to see it immediatelly, unlock the phone and see it.Besides, I use WifiKeyboard android app to write in the phone with pc keyboard: with this dock I can write my keyboard while I see the phone screen ergonomically and in a usable manner.
    Totally worth it.
  • Came as expected

    posted by ekwfung

    Build quality seems good for the price. Springs holding in batter seem a little weak, but more then good enough to hold battery against contacts.
    Good product
    I would recommend this product for a USB charging device. Tested on Samsung S4 and an IPhone 5S
  • excellent

    posted by Paraszu

    - good quality - eject lock - does not rotate around its axis under the weight of the camera - the thread in the holder- set of handles: plain thread, Go Pro and on the phone
    - Phone Holder hardly fits Galxy Samsung S3, larger phones probably will not fit
    One of the better monopods that I had in my hand. Light, quite long, adjusts the set of handles increases the range of applications. The only disadvantage is bare handle and touch the cold aluminum. Neoprene cover would increase certainty and separated the metal handle of the hand.
  • very much fun

    posted by wael1012

    i found using the iphone to control the helicopter is something fun.it took a very big hits, but without any damage
    it would be much better if ther is an ability to move right and left (i mean without turning)
    its very fun, but im a little bit worried about finding spare parts in future.

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