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Every single ipad usb sd card displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

ipad usb sd card Customers Reviews

  • Great product, great price, great construction

    posted by Balves46

    It's a great product for your iPad and fits very wellFor the price it's a good itemBuy it if you want something great with a good priceYou have in the same product connection to USB and a sd card. Very useful to import files or photos
    Great item. Tell to your friends to buy this.
    I will buy more this. Great product
  • Great Gadget

    posted by lexor

    -Very Cheap compared to similar products.-This device is basically a flash drive for a jail-broken iPad. It allows you to put the device into a USB port on your PC and copy files to this device.You then put the other side of the device into your iPad and copy the files to your iPad.-Just remember to insert a SD card into the unit.-The SD card is basically the memory of the device.
    I now have 2 of these units.It allows your iPad to be able to be more "pc Friendly".
    Great but at a great price.
  • Very handy device

    posted by kocmuk

    -- works great and look pretty good and very easy to use;-- just plug into ipad and then you can sync photos (iOs 4.2.1);-- no problem with 32Gb SDHC class 10 (SKU:44513);-- wery compact and good build quality;-- good packing;-- very cheap.
    Useful when traveling and away, to quickly plug the memory card and copy(backup) the photos.Ipad battery is spent faster. This is not a problem of this device - it's physics. :) But you should keep this in mind.
  • Does what it should do

    posted by Frijns

    Import photo's from SD card onto your iPadUse keyboard with your ipad
    It would be nice if the product would just recognize image files on SD or USB. Perhaps even with directory browsing. But you might need an additional app for that.You miss some file handling options which would be nice.It doesn't recognize pictures which are the same and will copy them again.
    It works great if you want to view your vacation pictures on your iPad. The images are copied to your iPad so you can use it as backup or to make room on your SD card.

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