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ipad touch screen stylus Customers Reviews

  • Not bad

    posted by morningxafter

    - It's small and light which makes it easy to have with you all the time.- The pen writes smoothly.
    - That's not to say you have to push super hard, but it's not very reactive to say, a light tap.- Its tiny size can be both a pro and a con; for a guy with large hands, it can be a little difficult to hold a tiny pen, but is better than getting frustrated trying to tap in JUST the right spot with your finger. But because it's so small it's easy to always have with you when you need either a pen or a stylus to catch just the right spot.
    If you have big clumsy fingers like me, and have trouble hitting the right spot on games that require precision, or typing an email or something, then it's definitely worth the price.
  • 7 weeks delivery time

    posted by vonn1211

    good price for the product. nice color and overall feel.
    expected a solid tip but it is pretty soft. tested it on apple's bamboo app and it writes pretty smoothly, though you may have to get use to it. at first it only worked when the stylus could write when it was held straight up. hard to write with it like a pencil. not impossible, just difficult.
    if you don't need this in a hurry, go ahead! nice product.
  • Nice Stylus

    posted by acwen2

    It is a small and elegant stylus.The quality is not bad (but could be better)The top of the stylus expands to a little longer so it's easier to hold on to it?
    It is a very nice stylus and my overall rating for this stylus was great.
    If you want a small stylus but you have a big hand. This is the perfect one for you!
  • Good product, cheap price

    posted by raveX303

    Stylus is strong and little bit heavy for better stability in your hand.Quality of this stylus absolutely enough for basic painting on tablet.
    Stylus pens in this category are good for normal users that sometime need something to paint. For advanced users is better look for more professional level of stylus.
  • Excellent stylus that's comfortable to use

    posted by ZhubajieThePig

    I saw pens wit this design before and thought they looked really great but doubted they were comfortable to use.Still I ordered a few to try them out when I found them for a nice price here.If have quite a collection of different stylusses now but these have become my absolute favourites.I have avarage hands for a man and they are perfect for me ( I just noticed I am holding one between 2 fingers while typing this and wasn't even aware of it).They are light (massive aluminum), strong and very comfortable.Very good quality, nice design, great price.
    Absolutely great. I own and have used stylusses that cost 10 to 20 times this price but this is my favourite.
    Just buy it!You won't be disappointed.

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