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ipad screen guard

You can easily find the latest low priced ipad screen guard offered at our online shop. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. You can find what you want at s3 screen guard, nokia screen guard. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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ipad screen guard Customers Reviews

  • smooth touch and good quality for ipad 4

    posted by webnavard

    easy installation of protectorgood and smooth touch sensationfits perfectly without any edges and camera hole ( i use with ipad 4 )it has cleaning cloth too
    best performance in sunlightno fingerprint remains on the screen
    I suggest it because you have a smoter touch with fingers for your ipad. I prefer matte protector because they wont stick to oyur fingers and this one work great with ipad 4
  • Must have!

    posted by ticiandrade

    This is a must have product!!!! Prevents you ipad from getting the screen scretched, plus comes with the cloth, that takes away all the little dusts that get stuck on the screen, making the applicaation of it much simpler!!!!
    The matte finish is much better than the regular one, because it makes the fingerprints much less visible!
    This is a great product, with a great price, and is a must have item if you want to keep your ipad screen good as new!
  • Average priced protector for upad

    posted by mmonsterr1988

    The packaging of the protector is very nice, it include all the tools for ease of use. The screen protector material feels very smooth, and it is very clear compared to most cheaper screen protector. It doesn't produce any rainbow effect on the screen.
    If the price could be lower, it will be a good buy.
    It's worth the money compared to many cheaper alternative of screen protector. Nice packaging can be compared to many expensive brand on the market.
  • Good product with good price

    posted by Apricc

    - Good price- Fits perfectly the new iPad (=iPad3)- Not as difficult as I was thinking (due to the size of the screen protector)
    - The included cleaner is not usefull. We always have a better one at home (delivered with a TV set for example)- The price is excellent compared with regular shops (around 20$)
    - I Will buy it again in the future if I need more or to replace this one when needed.
  • great deal for the price

    posted by jainakash

    its a great deal for this price.the screen protectors comes nicely packed together in one big pack.the build quality is really nice and it makes it easy to apply. i was able to apply it in one try.even if you fail in first try you have 4 more to try out.. :)
    i have been using the matte wanted to try out the clear and glossy one, but i received the matte ones instead.the quality is nice, the packaging is very good.
    its a must buy if you have an ipad air and it doesnt have a screen protector yet.ipads geenrally last longer and in its lifetime you end up using 3-4 screen protectors. instead of investing like 20-25$ at local shops its better to buy this pack and keep the rest safe for future.

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