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ipad protective film Customers Reviews

  • Best Protector ever bought

    posted by icetime2

    The 3 pieces are shipped in a plastic bag which creates a further protection to the product. The product is of high quality and easy to use.
    This product differs from others because `shipped together and then there is one greater chance that the product arrives at its destination without those pesky piege expedition that often happen.
    among the many products I prefer this. If i need more protector i will re-oder this.
  • Protective screen iPad mini

    posted by jfalcudia

    Great quality, easy to use, fingers go faster and smoothier on the screen.It prevents fingerprints and annoying glares. Ideal for reading outside.
    if you want to fit it properly to the screen, remove the first protective plastic then adjust to the screen and very slowly remove the second protective plastic, pressing at the same time with a hard, flat object (e.g. a credit card) in order to remove bubbles.
    Good choice for your iPad mini at a good price.
  • Excellent!

    posted by Thunderone

    Very usefull for protect your display from scratches, dust, and very achurate for any stylus, cheap and the most better product for tree!
    Need a air pistol for clean better the display for free from dust, of course, in a clean place, only follow the instructions, and a good pulse, obtain a great protected display.
    Great and cheap protector bundle. I recommend you, really.
  • Average priced protector for upad

    posted by mmonsterr1988

    The packaging of the protector is very nice, it include all the tools for ease of use. The screen protector material feels very smooth, and it is very clear compared to most cheaper screen protector. It doesn't produce any rainbow effect on the screen.
    If the price could be lower, it will be a good buy.
    It's worth the money compared to many cheaper alternative of screen protector. Nice packaging can be compared to many expensive brand on the market.
  • Excellent guard film

    posted by alfredo851

    The best thing about this screen protector is that it is matte. I really enjoy that I no longer see any reflection on my screen when I am reading outdoors, you don't have to worry about the sunlight and those horrible glares anymore.It's very cheap!! In an apple store the cheapest one is about 12 dls! You can get one for only 3.50!! It's very easy to use/applicate. Even it doesn't include the applicator you can use an ID to remove all the bubbles.Also it doesn't get dirty so easy (I had a regular anti-glare before and you can saw the fingerprint all over the screen). Doesn't reduce the screen sensibility.
    It's one the best screen protectors I ever had so don't think it too much and buy it!
    You definitley have to get one, it's cheap, matte and very usefull

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