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You can buy cheap ipad power plug eu from us. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Of course, you can find them from power plug eu 4, cable power eu plug. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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  • Save space. One charger for Tablet and many devices.

    posted by omaki

    Reasonable price. Two outputs with different amperage (1A and 2.1A). The 2.1A is used to Tablets and the other for other devices. Nowadays we carry lots of battery devices. Cellphones, tablets, players, etc. Don't need to carry several chargers. Buy one of these, a USB cable (Mini USB, perhaps), plus device specific adapters. That's how I did. One charger, one cable, two adapters replaced four chargers and their cables. Huge space saving.Preço razoável. Tem duas saídas com diferentes amperagens (2.1A e 1A). Use a 2.1A para tablets e o outro para pequenos aparelhos. Não precisa carregar muitos carregadores e cabos. Compre um destes, um cabo USB (para Mini USB, talvez), e alguns adaptadores e pronto. Ue substituí 4 carregadores e seus cabos por este carregador, um cabo USB-miniUSB, e dois adaptadores. Economia de espaço enorme.
    Be aware! Resist the temptation. Using the 2.1A outlet to charge small amperage device (players, cellphones, digital cameras etc) may charge it more quickly, but will surely shorten life span and release higher heat during charging time.Atenção! Resista à tentação! Utilizar a saída de 2.1A para carregar aparelhos de pequena amperagem (câmeras, players, celular, etc) pode carregar mais rapidamente, mas com certeza vai diminuir a vida útil das baterias e aumentar o calor gerado durante o carregamento, o que pode danificar o aparelho.
  • Comfortable and high-quality device for charging phones and other devices

    posted by pointmarin

    Comfortable and high-quality device for charging phones and other devices. Allows you to get rid of such an impressive number of different instruments, replacing them with just one. Successfully charges the batteries of the two phones and a mini-computer. Despite the size, it is better than three chargers at the same time
    I would like the dark color of the case and a separate alarm for each of the 5 channels
    Very convenient charger. Cope with the Lenovo A830 smartphone, Motorola phone and another device, working to full capacity. I recommend.
  • Charges iPads and more

    posted by tvdahl

    * Gives enough power to charge iPad* Can charge 2 iPads at the same tame (maybe more - haven't tried)* 4 USB ports* Red light while charging - blue when idle. Easy to see if charging is complete without checking the devices.* Great product!
    You can plug any USB cable to this adapter and it will charge your device. We use it for both Huawei phones, jawbone devices, iPhones, iPads and more.
    This is a great product that is in daily use. We use it for charging anything that charges via USB. One of my best buys at DealExtreme. It's not the cheapest product, but for us it was well worth the price.
  • A nice power charger

    posted by Silin48

    Good quality for the materials and well protected. works perfect also with the 2.1 A for my tablet. When I tried to connect two things in parallel the charger continue working without problems. Also if is a tablet and a smartphone.
    It is very easy to use, only plug and connet your set. It is ready to plug in all the european connectors.
    I will recomend it when you need a solution to charge two elements in parallel. It is important to connect correct in the correct hole to evoid destroy it.
  • Great gadget!

    posted by Soyyeta

    It really surprised me the excellent quality of this product! It seems like something you bought in your local electrical store. The 4 USB ports are great, and it even has a blue LED light when you plug it.
    Its not really the cheapest adapter you will find, but the excellent quality makes up for it.
    A really great product, I recommend it.

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