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ipad mini lightning cable

The perfect ipad mini lightning cable here to meet all your needs. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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ipad mini lightning cable Customers Reviews

  • Great option, poor quality

    posted by Troquay

    The lenght is very usefull, thats why I both 3 pieces, one for the bedroom, and two for the living room.
    I would not buy this again unless the updated it and make the same quality as the original cable.
    Good price, poor quality, bad buy!
  • the perfect 5c cable

    posted by camerlingoa

    this cable charges, syncs and feels sturdy. i recommend this cable for anyone in need of new lightning cables for their brand new device.this CABLE works perfect for the 5C. if you buy the 5 version cable it might not work with the 5C. i don't know why that is. must be some extra security from apple.
    CHEAP, works as expected and above all its from DX, my favorite online shop.i need extra cable for bedcarnotebookbackpackoffice deskhome deskthus i bought 3 extra cables :D
    i love it, waited 3 weeks but definitely worth it.can't beat the 19 euro original cable. for that price i can buy a dozen of these.
  • Excellent cable

    posted by dj83493jd

    Of course, way cheaper than the official cable.However, this one has many advantages over other cables found here. First, it's sturdy (it doesn't feel cheap, for once). The nylon sheath could hide a very cheap cable, but even the connectors - and I've seen very bad ones over the last year - are relatively heavy and feel solid. The nylon is also pretty cool; people will ask you where you got that cable. Finally, it's recognized as legitimate (no alert of any kind) by iOS 7, unlike any other unofficial cable I bought so far.
    I'm pleasantly surprised by how good this cable seems. Good job!
    Bottomline, I'm buying a new one right away to keep in my bag.
  • Works very well!!!

    posted by yossefeldidi

    Really useful, a life saver, if your battery is running out you can use it in your way home or to work/college!! The cable is huge, something like 3 meters! It comes with a light on the car charger so you know it is working
    Nothing else to say, perfect product
    Nothing else to say, perfect product
  • Pricier but very good quality so far

    posted by bvankuik1977

    Compared to normal length Lightning cables (such as SKU 163395), the build quality of the connectors is much nicer. And since the connectors are very thin and almost exactly like Apple's own cables, this cable is so small that it could fit in the small change section of your wallet.
    I've used this cable to charge my iPhone 5, sync it with iTunes and even developed apps with Xcode. No problems whatsoever.
    A very nice product. I got three and put them at my workplace, my parents house, etc. Never again without a charge!

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