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ipad mini leather black

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ipad mini leather black Customers Reviews

  • I haven't taken my iPad out of the case since it arrived

    posted by jtosey

    The case fits very snuggly, and fully protects the iPad mini. The case has a textured feel, which is easy to grip. The back is stiff while the front is quite pliable. I like the way it feels, and the way it protects the iPad from scratches. The holes for charging and the camera are perfectly aligned. There is a magnet in the case which automatically turns the iPad on and off when the case is opened. The roll-up edge which turns the case into a stand works very effectively.
    After a month of use, I see no signs of wear.
    I would definitely buy this again. Highly recommended.
  • Really nice cover-all case, perfect job to keep the pad pristine

    posted by slimgym

    Really like these cases. A rigid plastic back case which the mini snaps into, much better than those which have straps over the front screen. Opening the lid wakes the device and closing it puts it to sleep. The front cover will fold totally behind the back and provides a prop to be viewed at two different angles if required. There is a soft back inside the rigid plastic back and behind the front flap.
    Much more comprehensive protection than apples smart cover which only covers the front screen.
    Just get it. I had one for my full size iPad and loved it, could not find it for the mini anywhere until this one popped up.
  • great value for money!

    posted by haringkoning

    this case is a perfect fit for your iPad Mini, literally: not too tight and not too loose.I have chosen the black edition for my black iPad, you can tell the difference between the device and the case, but it is not something to get mad about.The case is well crafted: nice stitches, no lose ends. No scratches or discolour.Magic cover function works great too.
    If I ever have to replace this cover, I would pick this one again. Even at a higher price. Beside that: I would recomment it to anyone
    "Shut up and take my money"Once again: great value for money!
  • Excellent case

    posted by glsiu

    This is an awesome buy for me.Case has a business casual styling, definitely does not look cheap. The materials use are of a sturdy feel and look. My IPad mini sits firmly in the case. Fits perfectly. The sound baffle in the bottom for enlarging the speaker sound actually works... surprisingly enough! lolEverything fits perfectly and notches all the corresponding places firmly and without give, which is a definite plus.The hand hold strap in the back provides an excellent hand hold when holding the IPad mini. The smart case operates without a hitch. Turns my IPad on and off just by opening or closing the case.Folding the front of the case into the back forms a sturdy stand though rarely do I personally ever put down my IPad to view anything in this form.
    The hand hold is positioned far off to one side. If you have small hands may be a little hard to get your hand in, although any hold is better than none! With even a slight hold using the strap is better than none... provides another sense of security while holding and using the IPad as compared to not having the strap at all.
    If you want a business casual looking case, this is it!
  • Wooooooooow

    posted by thwangy

    Everything is better than expectedKeyboard is magnetically attached to case for flawless convertibility!The leather is gorgeous, keyboard itself is perfect tactile plastic for quite and accurate typing!Case design is a dream!! Bluetooth connectivity seems to have no bugs!
    Best deal extreme purchase I've ever made!
    No other case quite offers the protection, quality, and ergonomic usefulness! The research and development and thoughtfulness is apple-Esque! Charges quickly and maintains a charge forever seemingly!

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