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ipad 4 lightning

You can buy cheap ipad 4 lightning from us. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. View more by looking at ipad 4 3g, ipad 4 dock. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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ipad 4 lightning Customers Reviews

  • Works as it should

    posted by garotofranja

    It is a small version of the one that comes with the iPhone 5.
    I needed this smaller cable because I didn't wanna to roll the one that came with the iPhone 5.
    If you have some good reason to buy it, just do it, I'm pretty sure it will be useful. I have nothing else to write but DX always makes me write this pointless reviews, when sometimes, like this one, a couple of words would do it.
  • Yes, it does the job

    posted by bartoli2547

    The biggest pro is that this actually works ok and for 1/3 of the price I would pay here. I used it with the biggest SD card slot, and I was able to transfer some pictures from SD card to my iPad Mini. Speed is reasonable.
    I did not test the small SD card slot, since I don't have small SD cards...
    If you can wait a few weeks (since shipping is not blazingly fast lately), and don't want to pay a top price for a SD card reader, this is a nice card reader which works.
  • Excellent cable

    posted by dj83493jd

    Of course, way cheaper than the official cable.However, this one has many advantages over other cables found here. First, it's sturdy (it doesn't feel cheap, for once). The nylon sheath could hide a very cheap cable, but even the connectors - and I've seen very bad ones over the last year - are relatively heavy and feel solid. The nylon is also pretty cool; people will ask you where you got that cable. Finally, it's recognized as legitimate (no alert of any kind) by iOS 7, unlike any other unofficial cable I bought so far.
    I'm pleasantly surprised by how good this cable seems. Good job!
    Bottomline, I'm buying a new one right away to keep in my bag.
  • Very nice

    posted by talors

    Very beautiful. Different from the shackles of other people who work with me then it is easy to identify it and you can not take me.Not inclined context with himself.Data transfer and charging quickly and without problems.Seems well built - does not seem to have any exposed wire and other cable as I have
    Buy it, but chosoe another color. this one is a bit boring.
    Very good value. Highly recommendedVery good value. Highly recommended
  • Works just like original... looks like it to :)

    posted by rschu68

    This connection kit looks feels and works just like the original. If i wouldn't know the difference i could tell if it is from apple or from dealextreme.Used it in combination with camera wb700 from samsung. The sd card plugged into the connection kid and the ipad imports all my videos and foto's
    no other thougts, for the price the quality you get from dealextreme is great.
    Just buy the connector.. it works (ipad5)

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