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ipad 4 charger

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase ipad 4 charger here and you can save money at the same time. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Browse ipad 4 dock or ipad 4 usb to find what you are looking for. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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ipad 4 charger Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product for that price

    posted by theseven

    - Cheap- 2A output- PCB contains battery protection circuitry (deep discharge, overcharge, short circuit)- Bypass diode from input to output- Step-Up converter efficiency of 70-80%- Trickle charges deep discharged batteries- Doesn't start charging if battery voltage is above ~4.15V- Fuel gauge isn't all the way off (but tends to be a bit too optimistic)
    Some data points:- PCB looks like the 2A output version, bottom picture here: http://i1138.photobucket.com/albums/n525/yulunyan/55.jpg- Battery charge completion: 4.20V- Powered off battery discharge current: 0.5mA- Powered on (idle) battery discharge current: 4.6mA (including LED)- USB output voltage (idle): 5.21V- USB output voltage (3.55V battery, 1.63A load): 4.57V (efficiency at this point: ~72%)- USB output voltage (4.1V battery, 1.75A load): 5.16V- USB output voltage (4.1V battery, 1.95A load): 4.61V
    Awesome product for that price, apparently well-engineered electronics.I'm really curious what that jumper on the PCB is good for.
  • Sturdy, well thought out.

    posted by snout

    Has a good if a bit weak white LED that is on while the unit is on, regardless of anything being connected or not. Has a battery check button on the side with three leds (blue-green-red) to show status. The 'thick nokia' mentioned above is a standard mini-USB. Has both regular USB and a smaller (now I can't think of the name..) round plug for output.
    None really. Except, well, build quality is a lot better than the similar one from ebay (which was black with no battery status and a blue led for 'turned on' state), of which I ordered two and both needed a capacitor change shortly after arriving from 'cheap SMD electrolyte' to 'working round-type electrolyte'..
    Works just fine, and dam' cheap!Will buy more of these whenever I see the need. (Got three in total already.)
  • Good product

    posted by regisronsoni

    It is made of a good plastic has a good design and has two differents current 1A and 2A, so I could charge at the same time My Galaxy SII(1A) and My GPS(2A). Both charged very well. The silver ring gives to the charger a touch of charm.
    I consider a good deal. It has cost a good price and for me have in my car just one charger instead of two is a relief!!
    Good prodct , good price
  • Good AC to USB 5v power supply

    posted by fran82

    + Well constructed, good quality + No load voltage of 5,15 volts + Does not get very hot + It is robust, compact and lightweight + It charges almost everything which uses USB conection + Can not measure the current it can feed, but it seems to be more than 1Amp + Good looking black and white label and enclosure
    It is available also in black
    It is worth the price, I can recommend this 5v USB charger over the others.... maybe in the future will exist other similar device better than this, but at this moment, this could be the best sold here, if we talk about the internals and charging current. 100% Recommended, buy it!
  • two USB exits makes the product a lot more affective and cost wordy.

    posted by GizmoGold

    this product has two USB exists which is a very distinct advantage while using it in the car. the product is very nice looking and has a nicer shape than other products i have seen.easy to use and connect to the lighter entry.
    overall the product serves it's purpose very well and the cost to quality ratio is very good.
    will be using this product a lot in my car. two USB exits make it much more affective and comfortable to use.

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