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You can buy cheap ipad 2 transparent from us. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. ipad 2 new or ipad 2 stand may offer more options for you. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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  • anti reflective glossy screen protector for ipad 2 transparent !

    posted by Jordigomez

    incredible view and results, very nice, simply to use and happy with itThe package is perfect, and the results in the ipad are incredible.it comes with all accesoris for use it corretly and a cleaning ipad set .quedo estupendamente en el ipad 2 de mi hijo, facil de usary viene con un set de limpieza de pantalla con toallita humeda y trapo limpiador.
    order your anti reflective glossy screen for your ipad 2.
    buy without problems !! you dont regret !!!!!
  • Protect your pad!

    posted by mkrakstad

    I always use a protection film on my units. This one was just as easy to apply as just about all the other similar products on the market. It's nice and thing, and when applied correctly you don't see it. It feels great to the touch. And it doesn't scratch easily.
    This is a great and inexpensive way to protect the surface of your ipad from scratches. Just be sure to watch a youtube video on how to do it correctly.That way you don't get any bubbles and you don't notice it.
    Isn't your 300 Idevice worth great protection for only 3.50?
  • Great price, fits well and performs well

    posted by vldxacc

    This is a great price for a screen protector. It fits the ipad well. It makes the ipad screen easier to view because there is less glare. The finish is matte. The fingerprints also are less visible. It seems to be made of a good thickness plastic.
    Part of the problem this time was that I had trouble aligning it initially, so I put it on and peeled it off a couple of times. That made the bottom of the screen protector have a little more air bubbles.
    It's a great price. If you are as bad as I am at applying it, maybe buy two? I'm satisfied with it like this anyway.
  • really thin protection

    posted by Daniel241987

    Full of nice accesories:- soft card for removing bubbles without schartching the new film- dust absorber stickers wich is a really good idea- english instructions of how to apply the film- cloth for cleaning before installation
    nice paper made packaging, because the environment is also important
    really high quality product, worth the extra spend of money compare with other screen protectors.
  • Perfect protection

    posted by moniquebenedetto

    Very high quality product. It realy surprised me. The screen protector came well covered on the pack. and there where no damage on it. It avoids your ipad screen to be greased and slides the finger very easy
    Very high quality product
    Very high quality product

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