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ipad 2 covers Customers Reviews

  • Good for the price

    posted by jovvla

    It keeps your iPad's bottom scratch free, so it does what it's designed to do. It also makes a white iPad completely white, which (argueably) looks better! It fits on easily.
    I suppose, the main reason for buying it should be it's price, but after you get use on it, it even looks ok. No real problems with it, so far.
    If you need one, take it into the consideration.
  • Useful

    posted by karlala

    * Works easily on the iPad. * Easily detectable. * No laggish scenarious experienced so far.
    I noticed that the alignment of the keys aren't exactly the same as that of a keyboard. Sometimes, my finger alignment on each key goes astray and my typing is affected especially when you are working fast on documents.
    Great deal with the price of the keyboard. Not really the best, but is still okay to use.
  • Nice keyboard

    posted by Zenga13

    Very solid and easy typing keyboard. The keys are very light to press, just like a laptop. The keyboard worked within 1 minute. Just turn it on, pair with the ipad and you are ready to go.
    Very good and nice to use keyboard.. Little les quality for use as a case.
  • Good addition

    posted by Sabean

    Covers the pad without disturbing the glass touchscreen. clips to the edges nicely. Not loose-fitting, snugly sits on tablet and covers corners. Has ppenings for all 'holes' - don't need to be removed for cameras, USB, speakers, mic's, magic cover....
    something to cover/change the apple logo on the ipads back
    With the magic cover its a match made in heaven for 1/2 what just the magic cover would cost me at a local shop.
  • Perfect choice !!!!

    posted by Geanz

    - Easy to use- Fits perfect- Have access to all functions- Very good material- Looks very nice and clear- Protect iPad from scratches, if used with invisible shield i think iPad will be undesctructable :O
    - Don't tested with Smart Cover yet, but im buying one to see if it fits
    - Great buy...cheaper and worth every cent !!!- PERFECT for gift !!!!- Ill buy one to give to a friend that buyed iPad 2 last week, he will like for sure !!!

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