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  • Very good as bicycle intercom

    posted by lvm55

    Lightweight, good performer you just turn it on and forget about it.We did not test maximum range but never lost communication during our rides. We got out of sight a few times and even spoke from inside to outside a convenience store. Sound quality is OK.Controls are easy to reach and adjust.
    I just used stick-on velcro to fix the unit to bicycle helmet, added plastic tabs to hold the mike/speakers.As bicycle intercom the units are not usable near traffic. Every passing car on either lane will trigger the intercom and will be heard on the other unit, blocking communication for a few seconds. I did not count it as a negative point as the units are not advertised as bicycle intercom. We got used to it and managed to talk when there was a break in traffic. Maybe there is a way to place the mike to minimize the noise pickup.
    Using this intercom unit on bicycle rides was a great experience. Recommended.
  • Great product, great price

    posted by nicolascure

    Does what it says on the tin. Good quality. Battery life is good. Very easy to use.
    Mostly used for listening to music. Have used it on a few calls without any problems. Would like to test the intercom but haven´t had a chance
    Don´t need to spend a fortune like other similar products and you get a decent product
  • Great product, great price

    posted by firmograf

    Great gadget. It does ewerithing that is thold in specifications. Sound is wery good. I tested it with my friend on two bikes, operating distance is up to 400 meters beetween two devices, with great signal. After 400m conection is starting to loose signal. Batery charged just 1 time, using it for 5 hours, still working. Connection with my cell phone is great too, talking on the phone and with my frien via intercom on 120 km/h just fine. All the best!
    Werry good product for this price. I'we look't in some european catalogs, this product for 2 helmets is 4 times this price (250-300 EUR).
    Every biker who like touring ride and travel, my recomendation, buy this product.
  • Better then the leading brands...

    posted by Deezine

    Very easy to install and use!
    Does exactly what it says.
    Operating takes al little getting use to (for me 30 mins)
    FM works fine (in Netherlands Randstad) if you choose to listen to the bigger stations
    Sound is good! Ok it's not the quality of a Bose car system but it sounds good and loud!
    Definite must buy!
    Even if you only listen to radio or MP3 this is the way to go!
    AD2P works like a charm
    Buy This!
    Dont need it? Buy it anyway and make a friend happy ;-)
  • Fantastic - for what it is

    posted by ukulelepeter

    This is a great unit for speaking to your passenger. It makes it possible to have a conversation while driving in the city. It's well built, water resistant, and seems it will take a beating. The boom mic and headphones fit snugly in your helmet. They will also pair with my phone, making it simple to listen to music or talk when riding solo.
    Not great with other riders or high speed.
    It's very cheap and does what it says it does. A reasonable set of instructions, a well built unit and a good price. As long and you understand it's limitations it's a great buy.


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