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interphone helmet Customers Reviews

  • Fantastic - for what it is

    posted by ukulelepeter

    This is a great unit for speaking to your passenger. It makes it possible to have a conversation while driving in the city. It's well built, water resistant, and seems it will take a beating. The boom mic and headphones fit snugly in your helmet. They will also pair with my phone, making it simple to listen to music or talk when riding solo.
    Not great with other riders or high speed.
    It's very cheap and does what it says it does. A reasonable set of instructions, a well built unit and a good price. As long and you understand it's limitations it's a great buy.

    posted by alexdvash

    Well it s a great product its very suefull and i really enjoyed it..
    its what i was looking for a long time and i found t in dealextreme at a price i can handle and even have a big smile on my face..
    i recieved it and it had many things and it was not hard to assemble.
    you dont notice it and the product works really really well.
    Its a great product what i've been looking for a long time now.
    it works just the way i wanted it to work and it really easy to assemble
    couldnt find anything this good for this price
    Great product Highly recommended!
  • Neat Product a Bit Small

    posted by vbrtrmn

    Pairs with HTC One X no problem, after it is paired it shows up with two options "phone audio" and "media audio". Decent quality construction. Includes multiple mounting options. The speakers include velcro mounts which fit very well in my XL motorcycle helmet.
    I wound up cutting off the microphone and I'll only be using the device to listen to music. I don't really need to be talking on the phone while riding.
    Comparable name brand units even for audio only are more expensive, the unit works for what I need after slight modifications, so I'm happy with it.
  • Excellent interphone

    posted by 13ROM

    The quality and usability are outstanding. It could be easily mounted to virtually every motorcycle helmet and provides loud and clear communication on the speeds up to 100 km/h. The controls are easy to operate even in motorcycle gloves. I paired two devices one with another and also each of them with their cellphones (HTC Desire S and Tooky T83 Android smartphones). It took me about 15 minutes.
    The price is great. It's not even comparable with the price of branded devices (such as Scala Rider).
    I suggest to buy this set.
  • Good and handy prudukt

    posted by tomsomitom

    Works as it should, just to connect them with each other then it's ready. also had one since before which is not bought at dx, looked almost identical, and it could also be connected. good sound from headphones
    Is really good to have if you are out driving motorcycle, then you do not have to drive next to each other and yell at each other, then if you buy three units can you match all three, and then choose which of the two you want to talk to.
    very good to have when driving motorcycle, either by yourself or with someone else. as it supports Bluetooth, you can listen to music even when you drive

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