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This is our best insulation resistance, they all share a great design and great prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

insulation resistance Customers Reviews

  • An excellent value and accurate tool

    posted by stanmonish

    This little tool is extremely accurate and is the best value for your money. I have compared its accuracy to our shop Fluke 1520 megger and it is dead-on for most measurements and only off by one or two counts on some measurements. Maximum measurement error when compared to our Fluke 1520 has been 1.65%. It is well protected with a latching plastic top. Comes with three good quality leads, two of them with clips and the other is a probe. The On/Off test button is a momentary button with software toggle function so you don't need to hold the button when making long duration tests. Includes guard terminal to cancel parallel resistances for true readings. Comes with a carry pouch and is small enough to keep in my tool bag, so it's always available. Even came with batteries. I'm just very impressed with it in every way especially when I consider the price of meters having equivalent functions. My boss was a bit envious of it since he spent big $$$ for a Fluke and I have this one for less
    A great deal if you do a lot of industrial maintenance.
  • Great tester

    posted by mbertels

    Safe and easy to do high voltage testing. Finding faults-to-earth works very well. Broken heating element in oven is found at 2500V because of sparks to ground. Also great for testing protective gear. I used it to test fire fighting equippement. Boot is 4 GOhms! How else to find out! Comes with proper test-leads and clamps. Take is anywhere with protective cover. Clear indication of short or open (under- or overload).
    Absolutely safe because max current is limited to around 2 mA, even at short.
    This is what you need for serious high-resistance testing

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