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input output Customers Reviews

  • Very good quality for the price

    posted by dewittea

    It is conform at my need. The adapter work very well with my Garmin.The packaging if enought, not too much.The cord is not too long and not too short.With a short cable, the GPS fall down too often.
    The delivery time was good.I had some problem with a too long cable. It were often disconnected when the passager move a little.The power adapter is made for european material
    The surprise was the price in comparaison of the local shop for the same kind of product.
  • very small drop down PC for electronic instruments.

    posted by lasermanathome

    Very small , current is enough to cover most applications.With two 18650 batteries I can replace a 6 V 4 AH 6 V lead gell battery and don't have to border about selve discharge as long as this driver is placed AFTER the on/off switch, when not in use it draws a small current and discharge the batteries as well otherwise.Becaus of its very small size you can hide it in alomost any instrument wich is battery operated and after application the voltage is not critical, the output stays the same, the overvoltage of the batteries are transduced in extra working time (amps)and the voltage will be what is needed (can be adjusted but must be below the V in.The high efficiency makes that the PC will not become hot when the max current is respected and under 1A out it stays cool.
    The tiny unit is almost always sufficient to make battery operated instruments and toys suitable for 18650 batterypacks.
    In combination with batterypacks 2-4 18650 cells or more suitabe for almost any situation.As you can see my experience is that almost any battery used systen works better with the combination of 18650 batterypacks ans a driver like this one
  • Excellent shield and very easy to use!

    posted by IronManu

    It is very easy to connect and to use. You can use the "LiquidCrystal" library of Arduino microcontrollers, so the communication with it is reduced to a simple call to an inner method.I have tested the shield with Arduino UNO and Arduino MEGA and, also, with ST Nucleo Board.It works excellent in all of them.
    Although using the same analog entry for all the buttons is complex to manipulate for a non-expert user, I think it is the best choice to let the more unused pins, so you can use the others with several sensors and so on.
    Sumarizing, if you look for an LCD display to represent your information THIS IS THE SHIELD YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, because it is very simple, very cheap and it works very well!!
  • Good and solid power

    posted by Blacktxandy

    Its a good power supply. Stable 12V line and can be connected directly to your wall input. Its not made for use externally (like a wall charger), because it is open, and any child or animal can easyly touch the connectors. You should mount it in a closed box. It can drive some high powered leds or audio amplifiers without any problem.
    I used it to make an audio amplifier to my computer, so I connected it to an audio amplifier and put the amp and the power supply inside of one of my speakers box. Its working very well and its not overheating.
    Buy this thing... you can have a lot of fun with it
  • Nice Cable with Awersome Price

    posted by BrunoDPO

    - Nice price since it's a difficult cable to find. (I haven't found this cable for selling here in Brazil yet)
    - It really has a built-in driver, so when I tested it along with Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64 and MacOS 10.5 (Leopard), the driver was automatically installed.
    - The cable is large enough to fit the space I made for the keybord and the computer.
    - It got my Yamaha Keyboard (PSR-83, which is relatively old) to work with the newest music softwares.
    I still haven't tested it with Linux. I wonder if any newer OS would be also able to recognize this cable?
    I gave it five stars because it worked so well with the OSses I have here, made my keyboard new again, was easy to install, it's stylish (nice idea for the LEDs showing the IN and OUT commands), and most important, it was not as expensive as I thought it would be.


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