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  • Perfect 3-in-1 90W Universal Notebook Adapter

    posted by B8Two

    Plugs in to Mains (~100-140V)
    Plugs in to Car (12V)
    Plugs in to Air Plane (12V)
    Charge a USB Device straight off of it.
    And it ALL WORKS!
    Multiple USB Ports would be a helpful but you can always use a USB hub. I'm using it on an Acer Aspire 5720z and have tried it charging from the cigarette lighter of my car with no problems.
    If you use this as the default power source for your laptop you can charge it anywhere you can get a point from.
    If you wish to use your laptop in the Car or on a Plane but don't want to have another brick to carry around for those occasions this is the best travel companion.
  • My test with 3 XR-E P4

    posted by trolliet

    Good driver with 3 leds like XR-E P4
    Work fine with 220V AC
    The 3 leds receive individually 3.42V for first one ; 3.39V for the second one and 3.32V for the last one.
    global voltage is 10.1V
    The current delivered is 630mA.
    the driver don't heat so much.
    The specs give by DX are close to the reality
    I think it's a good driver for home DIY
    Will be perfect if cheaper but with buckrate it's a good price
    Every led which have arround 3.3V Vf and can support more of 650 mA can be use with this driver
    Sorry for my bad english
    My first review, I hope it can help somenone
  • Exactly what i was looking for

    posted by jamonbread

    Exactly what I was looking for. could not find anything like this anywhere else online. Except the
    same item on ebay going for 90GBP.
    Lets me pass the audio from any hdmi lead to my amp via optical, coaxial or aux (all work simultaneously at the same time outputting audio in perfect sync)
    I have a monitor with hdmi inputs but it does not process sound from the hdmi cable as it has no speakers or even an audio pass through. I have a stereo amp and although my amp is old and only stereo it has optical and coax digital (for old school dat) and aux inputs for sound input with no hdmi pass through like recent amps with surround sound do.
    With my hd sat box downstairs and a 15m hdmi lead previously installed into my room I'm now able to pass the audio from that lead to my amp via this swithcer box. While also having a nice 1080i hd image on my pc monitor in perfect audio sync might I add.
    *This box also auto switches if you only have one input on it will switch to that input.
    *The included remote has good range.
    *Good sturdy metal case
    *hd pictures look identical passed through the box.
    *My good old amp is still going on strong thanks to this little devie.
    Saved me buying a new amp and saved me alot of cash in the process. Wasn't looking to install a surround sound system in my bedroom and didn't want to have to buy an amp with surround sound abilities just to get audio from my hd sat box in my room.
    I can't comment on the 5.1 sound but I'm sure it would work fine everything else does anyway.
    Works exactly as I hoped it would. Another dealextreme thumbs up.
  • Usefull but not working correctly for me

    posted by Slavius

    Plug'n'play under Windows 7 Ulimate x64
    Lights indicating power-on and activity
    Sorry, I was not able to make it work correctly. Maybe you will have better luck.
    Seemed perfect way for me to attach
  • very small drop down PC for electronic instruments.

    posted by lasermanathome

    Very small , current is enough to cover most applications.With two 18650 batteries I can replace a 6 V 4 AH 6 V lead gell battery and don't have to border about selve discharge as long as this driver is placed AFTER the on/off switch, when not in use it draws a small current and discharge the batteries as well otherwise.Becaus of its very small size you can hide it in alomost any instrument wich is battery operated and after application the voltage is not critical, the output stays the same, the overvoltage of the batteries are transduced in extra working time (amps)and the voltage will be what is needed (can be adjusted but must be below the V in.The high efficiency makes that the PC will not become hot when the max current is respected and under 1A out it stays cool.
    The tiny unit is almost always sufficient to make battery operated instruments and toys suitable for 18650 batterypacks.
    In combination with batterypacks 2-4 18650 cells or more suitabe for almost any situation.As you can see my experience is that almost any battery used systen works better with the combination of 18650 batterypacks ans a driver like this one

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