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input module Customers Reviews

  • Even brighter then before.

    posted by isotco

    - Very nice color, especially outdoors.- Brighter than my previous ones, quite possibly a brightness bin upgrade.- Aluminum pill with brass ring for pcb improves heat transfer from the led to the module.- Single mode, perfect with a forward clicky.
    Works well on 1-2 Li-ion or 1-3 CR123A.If you have never tried warm white leds before, this is a cheap and good way to try it.
    Get one and try it, you won't regret it.
  • Cheap, bright, solid!

    posted by Kofko

    Very good build quality. Massive reflector, current driver is well designed. Beam temperature is as written, cold, I think it's about 6000K? Very useful for my bike, I'll work on mounting during winter. Photos'll be available on spring :D
    Works well with PWM (NE555+MOS-FET). I recommend glass optic (sku.5297) too, if you want to light up further places (as a bike headlamp, for example :D). I tried this with my ATX power source, as I said, output light is very, very bright.
    I can only praise this product.
    Thanks, dealextreme!
  • Well P60 module

    posted by wainu

    The good module with satisfactory modes. It is made under standard P60 that gives the chance to replace with it the out-of-date or broken modules. The diode is planted on thermopaste enough. Comprehensible quality of the soldering. An excellent range of an entrance voltage.
    Module opens the big possibilities on modernisation and manufacturing of small lamps.
    You buy also necessarily will find of it application.
  • inexpensive, versatile, what more could you want?

    posted by effulgentOne

    Wide input voltage rangeDirect drop in replacement for P60 and similar lampsVery tight, smooth beam (another reviewer mentioned a ring in the beam - I didn't notice this on mine until I read his review, it's very faint on my unit)The light engine is unpotted, so the gold part unscrews readily to expose the LED (good for modding to a Q5)Very bright!!
    This fits in my Brinkmann Maxfire well (without the outer spring)The area of the exposed aluminum is necessarily small, so be aware that if you use this in a plastic light (like the maxfire), the LED will cook if left on for prolonged periods (though at this price I think I'll risk it). Aluminum bodied flashlights should be fine.A quick test shows this draws about 4.5W @ 6V (measured at the tailcap)The cree star appears to be 16mm in diameter
    A great, versatile dropin at a great price. I plan to use these in a 4 cell Li-ion light, and also as part of a permanent 12V setup.
  • Good quality with an exception

    posted by ebpDoug

    Good image quality (keeping in mind resolution), with adjustable color, contrast, brightness. Low power consumption (2.5W). Circuit board very nicely made.Screen is covered with peel-off protective material.
    See my comments in Forum for this item.
    Nice little monitor module. I'm assuming the short-circuit in the one I received is a rare occurrence.

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