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ink ballpoint pen Customers Reviews

  • Cute andpractical - what more can I say :P

    posted by Sindel

    These pens are adorable, compact, and easy to use. They're a bit bigger than I expected, but it doesn't matter. They still fit in my hand. "like a glove!" as Ace Ventura would say... :)
    These are really cheap and certainly worth buying. A nice little gift, 'cause everyone needs pens, right?
    Definitely worth trying! These vitamin pens are adorable, cheap, useful and compact. A great gift, or something fun just for you :)

    posted by swe123

    Nice Toy , Wery Cool Gadget I love it it's the best toy you can get Its so sheap and i love it you can have it every where but no one nows you got it on you!
    It could be bigger and sharper , its easy to handel its not hard at all , when I got it I direcly nowd how to use it IT SO Easy
    It's Very Nice I Love It It's so cool Gadget
  • Good Pen and Sylus

    posted by Gnappster

    Very light and solid.It can be used in class to operate a device and also take notes.Its lightweight and the material quality is good.The color is uniform and looks elegant.
    It is great if you find yourself using capacitive-screen devices at the same time when you are writing, since you can easily switch between both tasks.
    Its a great value for the price. The quality and appearance are great. But sadly once the ink runs out, it will be just a normal stylus.
  • Best Buy Till Date

    posted by Treverfcb

    Be frank cannot stop commenting on this product... i currently use for my Motorola xoom and Samsung galaxy phone as a stylus....carry in my pocket all the time...the good side is the color (glossy finish), the silver glossy finish and last and not the least the Black Ink Ballpoint...smooth as ever...fills like a high end ball pen
    2-in-1 Capacitive Screen Stylus is a perfect gift for any body especially with a large corporate office...no one will every complain
    Must Must Must buy for any Tab or Phone user
  • It is a pill, and it writes!

    posted by Cherrylover

    First I was afraid that these "pills" could not write properly, but when I received it I was amazed:- they fit everybody's hand, from my dad to my little sister- These pens actually write, and they are so good to write with- They are small when closed, you can put it in your poket- They don't close when you are writting
    They are unique and funny. Nice gift, if you ignore the plastic bag (like some grocery stores have to put your fruits).
    I will absolutelly buy this again. I loved it!!!!

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