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infrared thermometer sight laser

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infrared thermometer sight laser Customers Reviews

  • Workes great

    posted by deelextreem

    I bought thsi a few months ago and it workes great, although it is a bit to pricy for my liking. Juast push the button and measure temperature everywhere. I bought 5 pairs and they all showed exxactly the same temperature, although I do not know if it is calibrated right.
    Price around 10 bux should make it a five star product, but it workes well if You measure tempeature alot!
    Does its job well but a bit pricy compared to similar products at home.
  • working fine

    posted by danygise

    Good build quality. Especially like the rubbery finish, which provides good grip. It's pretty accurate too, within 1 degree C under the right conditions (see "other thoughts"). Good display. Battery is included
    It comes with battery, so you can start testing it out of the box. The laserpointer and measuring are both started by pulling the trigger. You have the measured value for several seconds on the display before it shuts down itself to save battery. No problem here, works as i expected. The thermometer feels quite good in your hand, its sturdy and solid, but not heavy, size is ok too. Values seem to be pretty accurate in the low temp range.
    Excellent for taking temperature remotely on any surface. It does exactly what you expect it to and even comes wit handy diagram showing you how the radius measured increases with distance. Good build quality
  • Great product

    posted by chinwah

    Its good and sturdy. Look wise it can easily be pass off as a more expensive model. So far it appears to be measuring temperature quite accurately. Its ability to measure a wide range of temperature makes it a good tool to measure anything from the freezer section of your fridge to your computer CPU to your oven and finally the tip of a soldering iron. The laser finder allows you to check the temp of your Xbox360 heatsink without opening the case. A good tool to check if your console is overheating.
    This model costs US10 more than the other products listed on DX. I have not used the other products, but this one appears to offer more features e.g. minimum and maximum temperature, average temperature and spot temperature. Though its stated that its temperature range is from -20C to 530C, it appears to be able measure temperature below -20C when I used it to measure my freezer.
  • Great and very usefulle thermometer

    posted by MHudon77

    This is another great proposition from Dealextreme. We verified and the measures are very precise. Tired of these thermometer giving really approximate readings? Here the solution. You're just one click away from knowing the exact outside temps, the temperature of the oil in your frying pan or the temp of your chimney. You can switch it from Celsius to Fahrenheit and some might found that it was dumb to put an on/off switch there, but I really appreciate it.
    This unit does not need a lot of energy to work well!
    I'd definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
  • Just what I was looking for

    posted by georgistz

    Quite accurate (difference of +/- 1 degree C),
    works well even from moderate distance,
    easy and comfortable to use,
    laser sight is especially useful,
    very cheap (less than half the price of similar thermometers in my country).
    Display is easily readable, plus it has a backlight, which can be turned on or off. So can the laser sight.
    Just perfect, measures temperature of leaves, soil, heater exhaust pipe and surprisingly accurate, especially for this price.
    Very useful if you want to measure the temperature of something very hot or in a difficult to reach spot.

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