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infrared thermometer sight laser

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infrared thermometer sight laser Customers Reviews

  • Just what I was looking for

    posted by georgistz

    Quite accurate (difference of +/- 1 degree C),
    works well even from moderate distance,
    easy and comfortable to use,
    laser sight is especially useful,
    very cheap (less than half the price of similar thermometers in my country).
    Display is easily readable, plus it has a backlight, which can be turned on or off. So can the laser sight.
    Just perfect, measures temperature of leaves, soil, heater exhaust pipe and surprisingly accurate, especially for this price.
    Very useful if you want to measure the temperature of something very hot or in a difficult to reach spot.
  • Nicely made and works quite well

    posted by nodlive

    The plastics used to construct this tool are quite good and give the product a very quality feel. It seems to work quite well and the temperatures are more or less accurate. Compared to store bought IR Thermometers this is a very good deal. And comparable to $100+ models.
    The protective case is a nice bonus. It is slightly padded and tough enough to keep this thermometer safe in a tool box.
    Nice quality product. Good buy.
  • Great toy!

    posted by grapeshield

    Amazing fun. Measure the temp of everything. It also feels nice, and is smaller than expected. Backlit
    To change temp settings, unscrew the back screws, then look for a teeny tiny red button on the main board. press it, then close it back up. BAM! Also, as a rule of thumb, I tend to use the flashlight (not laser :( ) to tell what is being sensed. If it is lit, then it is being measured.
    Great product. All kinds of fun. If you go around the supermarket with a clipboard and this, testing the fridges, you get a lot of looks. Fun.
  • Excelent tool

    posted by elomy2010

    - Great percision, manual says +-2C, but it seems absolutely percise- pretty percise even on shiny surfaces with weird emissivity- LCD backlight very good for wine-cellar and similar conditions- C/F degrees switch- laser can be switched off to save battery
    Plastic looked a little flimsy from the screenshot/videos, but is actually durable-enough. (but still not good for dropping from heights).If anyone would have time for improving this, adding another laser to show measured diameter in given distance could be nice. Predator-like lasers would also be great!
    After running through house measuring everything in sight...I found this especially good for homebrewing (no more flimsy breakable glass&similar thermometers). Friend is using this for grilling meat (results are good too).You can even get detective-ish and measure whether someone was recently sitting in your favorite chair (cuz it's 2-3deg warmer than environs)..
  • A Good Buy (Durable and seems accurate)

    posted by Parrotile

    Stable readings, good backlight, LONG Battery lifespan (and cheap battery replacement). A big plus is the emmissivity adjustment - rarely if ever found on instrument in this price range!
    Does the job, AND seems accurate (in comparison with direct surface measurement). Nice narrow field of view too, good backlight, and the extra ability to turn off the laser pointer is a definite plus!
    A very good deal for the price. Seems very durable, and mine is as accurate as I need it to be. Includes lots of functions absent on much more costly instruments, which adds to the value.


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