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infrared switch Customers Reviews

  • Good economy

    posted by onekit

    Very useful thing. When I come home at evening and my hands are occupied with bags, light turn on automatically if it necessary.
    I think we must use that devices everywhere and it allow us to economy electricity effective.
    I construct it with regular plug and now any device can be connected. In ideal version device must looks like plug and only two wires to sensor. Other wires needn't. Just two plugs father and mother type.
  • works well if there is no IR interference

    posted by DonQuijote

    adjustable range, via screwcomes threaded, and with locking nuts, so it can be attached easily anywhere
    i wanted to put 2 of these in a doorway to detect which way people go through. It was VERY tricky to mount and adjust their sensitivity such that they don't influence eachother.
    i suspect its just a ir led, and ir phototransistor with additional op-amp, or transistor based circuit.You could easily make yourself one from cheaper parts, but designing/printing such a versatile case could raise the price, even without taking into account the time for designing/producing it.For simple tasks, in controlled enviroments without ir interference, it is great.
  • Light sensors works great; easy installation

    posted by cosmicray

    The device easily detects motions in its working range. The schematics on the device is very useful, though there is no instruction in English.
    Manufacturer would do a great job if the back of the device was covered by an insulating material.Also, there is no way to attach the device to the wall of ceiling. I managed to do it on the plastic ceiling by attaching it to a special bulb socket that was lacking a bulb.
    Although it's not perfect I highly recommend it to anyone, because it's very useful.
  • Nice, Simple & Cheap

    posted by cuzcatleco

    -Pequeño modulo sensor infrarojo.-Es de salida digital, recomendado usar con resistor pull-up-Buen precion'desde arduino, es un juego de niños manejarlo
    ...Cuando la version analoga ? tipo hc-sr04 pero infrarojo.
    ...buen sensor para robotica ! pueden verlo en accion en http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI0pETeEZLw&feature=youtu.beun robot movil....pronto tendremos mas.
  • perfect for near object detection

    posted by Joost.de.Greef

    Small, convenient package. Works as advertised. No problem detecting any object with 2 cm range, but you do need to compensate for ambient light. This is easily done by collecting the value twice, once without the IR-LED on, once with the IR-LED off.
    The datasheet is readily available on internet, maybe DX could put a link up? for instance www.vishay.com/docs/83760/tcrt5000.pdf?
    Excellent item, I'm going to order more.

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