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  • Good product!

    posted by budgiebudgie

    Easy to use and to work out what's going on. Great for measuring temperature differences (ie one spot to another) as I'm not to sure about the accuracy (as it's difficult to verify with another instrument). However the instructions and packing give it a +/- 5% error so that's good to know that the manufacture acknowledges this and you can take this into account.
    I use it to measure heat in PCs (CPUS/VPUS), liquid and plant measurements and for other (stupid) things like the temperature of the dog or the driveway (in the shade/not shade :) and it works a treat. Good to have in your toolbag
  • Good item!

    posted by DealMF

    - Great build quality.- Battery included.- Very clear and nice looking display with backlight.- Easy interface once getting use to it.- Well I have measured room temps and snow so far. No problems.
    It come with the carrying bag on the picture but nothing more, not even some instructions are included. Not that you need it.
    Feels like a solid product. Can only think a price drop but I can recommend it.
  • Great tool for measuring temperature

    posted by JosephZ

    -Cheap-Simple enough to use-Good build quality-Measures celsius or fahrenheit-doesn't consume batteries quickly
    I'm no engineer nor do i have any professional use for this in my line of work but its quite fun to have. I use it on measuring how cold my ac is, what my dogs body temperature is and most importantly -if my beer is cold enough for my test haha
  • Nice gadget, good quality.

    posted by tomjoadhun

    Good material and build, very handy. Measurements seem to be OK (compared it to other IR thermometers). Screen backlight and LED sight makes it possible to use in complete darkness. Grip is very stable due to soft plastic body. English and Chinese manual and an orange wrist strap are included.
    Use this to discover heat leakage around the house in winter. Try to avoid putting it in big steam.
    Nice gadget, practical, reliable, good quality.
  • Bad luck

    posted by alejamp

    Easy to useNice LCD backlightVery handyTakes readings at ~1hz
    Due the time involve in returning it asking for a change I decided to fix it (I needed it right now!). The button behind the trigger was broken, so I change it, lucky for me I had the right tools and spares. Now it works.
    I know DX have no problem in change it. This is just a warning, take your time, this item would be broken. No QA at the end of the line.

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