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  • Infrared Sensor Motion Activated White Lamp

    posted by Eddy7

    pros ofcourse level of energy saving,
    i placed on my front door and on my neigbours one in the doorlamp. because there where some burglerys in the neigbourhood.
    they do a perfect job and do not cost much
    good smart product for lots of purposes
  • Good lamp but a bit pricy

    posted by adirshifman

    - For a holeway or small rooms it makes enough light.- fits any regular E27 lamp easily- Saves a lot of electricity - can replace a 40-60 volt lamp.- already works for a long time (a year more or less).
    I don't think it will be enough light for bigger rooms.
    good lamp. worth the price for me. not for big living rooms.
  • Great idea, not perfectly done, but not bad

    posted by Petrog

    * Works as advertised
    (Note - if you install it during daytime, it may blink three times and then turn off until it is dark enough to be needed, i.e. it has a daylight sensor)
    * Brighter than I expected - definitely enough for area and general lighting, such as hallways and entrances. Not really bright enough for work areas unless there is supplemental manual lighting.
    * More sensitive than I expected - and I noticed (when a couple arrived slightly disassembled) that there is a loose round foam washer around the sensor which can be removed to give it even wider detection (e.g. in stairwells) if desired - close to full 180 degrees in my test. Frankly, these sensors a just a tad too wide-field for most of my locations, but that can't be helped, and it doesn't matter if a light turns on a little bit more often than desired, given how low the power draw is.
    This concept makes lighting about as energy efficient as it can be - low power when on, no power when off, no chance of leaving on when not needed.
    To improve it, we need:
    * Brighter versions
    * Better build quality
    * More reasonable price - though in the long run even this price is going to save you money, even when compared with energy saving compact fluorescents
    * Design variants - though this design is useful in a range of situations including replacing downlights and other standard incandescent designs
    Apart from the faulty unit due to probable shipping damage, I was very satisfied with these and am ordering more. They could be better in the ways noted above, and I look forward to seeing more variants in future.
  • Minor range of Detection

    posted by ccenteno

    The device works easy and fast. Previouslly I was to search in Web the correct pinout. Can be tested in few minutes with Arduino.Is very important know that the output is open collector.I worked with Reflective Sensor in range around 1000cm, but its more expensive that this device.
    the color code: yellow --> OUTPUT SIGNALgreen --> GND red --> VCC
    Example code#define BARRERA_PIN 9 // define PIN name pinMode(BARRERA_PIN, INPUT_PULLUP); // config use pull-ups - Open Collector Outputif(digitalRead(BARRERA_PIN) == 0){ } // test PIN value
  • Light sensors works great; easy installation

    posted by cosmicray

    The device easily detects motions in its working range. The schematics on the device is very useful, though there is no instruction in English.
    Manufacturer would do a great job if the back of the device was covered by an insulating material.Also, there is no way to attach the device to the wall of ceiling. I managed to do it on the plastic ceiling by attaching it to a special bulb socket that was lacking a bulb.
    Although it's not perfect I highly recommend it to anyone, because it's very useful.


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