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infrared sensor Customers Reviews

  • Very good lamp

    posted by lamcdonald

    -Very reliable, good range on the sensor, and the light-level detection is just right.-Brightness is adequate for night safety.-I have been using it for several months, and have had no problems except build quality.
    It's not bright enough to use as a main room light, but it's perfectly adequate as a safety light so you don't trip over things in the dark. Mine works well in a 4m x 6m (12ft x 18ft) room.
    I only bought one, due to the price and because I was unsure about the quality, but I will certainly be buying a few more!
  • Very nice movement detector sensor

    posted by margrilo

    It is very simple to use. It is very cheap (although it has a cheaper similar sensor in here: http://www.dx.com/p/ir-infrared-motion-detection-sensor-module-dc-5v-20v-139624)It is well made.It has two calibrations (timer and sensitivity)
    Very easy to use instead.Just plug the 5V and GND pins and the output is a HIGH/LOW signal.If movement is detected, signal goes HIGH.For other documentation on this sensor circuit board, you might wanna check: HC-SR501 on google
    It's a very usefull sensor for a plenty of projects.So for this price you might take two or three to have it with you and just plug and use when it become necessary
  • Good quality and performance. No instructions

    posted by tdetrina

    It's a product of a nice quality and very easy to use for people which are getting started on arduino. I found some examples on internet and started to use it inmediately
    I got borred of it after a few uses
    I recomend this product for arduino starters because it is very easy to install and learn
  • A Basic IR Proximity Detector

    posted by DendoRacing

    Easy to interface to the Arduino. Adjustable sensitivity for each detector allows detection range to be adjusted between 2cm to 5cm. LED indicators on board display detection status which makes tuning and testing simple.
    I was able to use this to build an Arduino obstacle avoidance robot that worked very well in the right conditions.
    A basic four channel IR proximity detector that is suitable for indoor use only. If you need a more robust detector, look for something that uses modulated IR light to filter out other light sources.
  • good value for IR proximity detector

    posted by ScottJ

    pulses IR LED for best sensitivity to IR detector. Very nice design, simple to use.
    The circuit uses a 555 timer chip to pulse IR LED, which is detected by IR detector. Use 2K pot to tune 555 frequency for best sensitivity by IR detector (around 38khz). Also, the IR detector can pick up IR remote control. It will flash the on board sensor LED indicator. The other 10K variable resistor seems to control power to the flashing IR LED.
    very good value for proximity detection, or sensing IR remote control (but not reading value from IR remote - just that it's on). I would recommend this product.

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