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infrared sensor module

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infrared sensor module Customers Reviews

  • Easy to Use IR Sensor

    posted by gmeyerbr

    A very simple and easy to use IR sensor array with 4 sensor with independent adjustable sensibility. Very usefful to employ in auto guided robot cars instead of mechanical switchs with bumpers.
    The instalation and use are easy. Just pay attention for the board indications. To calibrate use a non reflective barrier and adjust the pots until the edge of response
    A simple sensor for robotics hobbyist.A big deal considering the price.
  • Works great

    posted by mysjkin

    Does what it is supposed to do. Gives a low signal when something is reflecting, a high signal when not enouch is reflected. The sensitivity can be adjusted with the trim pot. Easy to connect directly to arduinoo; - to gnd, + to 5 V (maybe 3.3 works as well) Dout to one of the digital pins
    The signal depens both on the distance and the reflectivity of what passes. IE a more reflective item will be detected at a larger distance than a less reflective item.
    If you need it (or think you can have some fun with it), go for it.
  • A Basic IR Proximity Detector

    posted by DendoRacing

    Easy to interface to the Arduino. Adjustable sensitivity for each detector allows detection range to be adjusted between 2cm to 5cm. LED indicators on board display detection status which makes tuning and testing simple.
    I was able to use this to build an Arduino obstacle avoidance robot that worked very well in the right conditions.
    A basic four channel IR proximity detector that is suitable for indoor use only. If you need a more robust detector, look for something that uses modulated IR light to filter out other light sources.
  • Work OK

    posted by crazytiti

    they're trimable.Light on : obstacle detectedlight off : nothing detectedyou can easily change wire to suit your needsthere's a hole on each sensor
    rainbow colored wire is a good ideathe trim set detector sensibility, so the emitter is always working at max, good for noise limitation, bad for current consumption.100mA leds off110mA leds on
    Do it's job ;)
  • Good product some error in product description

    posted by andrjoha

    Relativ smal but the circuit boards could be smaler. and does what it should do. Only short time testing but, a nice product for the price. Bouth of the circuit boards has holes so easily fixed to something. The timing potentiometer could have a + and - for easier adjustment of the time.
    In my opinion and with a "couple" of years of experiens in electronics. The relay on the circuit board is marked with 12V DC, this means that the product description it says 5-24V. Tested the board with 6volts and the relay didn´t pull befor you tapped on it. If you go higher than 12V it could break. I would recommend 9-16V.
    I got this for testing purposes only but I´m preaty shure I will use it for a light project in the future. If you need a cheap IR-motion detector buy this.


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