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infrared sensor module

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infrared sensor module Customers Reviews

  • Useful PIR sensor, with adjustable pot

    posted by ed2096

    Has an adjustable pot unlike many other products, able to adjust off delay time. Very useful.Otherwise simple and easy to wire up.
    Would be nice to see it sold with different PIR sensor options
    Get it for the adjustable pot
  • Works fine, no adjustment pot

    posted by ed2096

    Works as advertisedVery wide detection angle (120)Cover pops off if you don't want it5A relay useful for driving things like LED stripsSeparate wire for PIR sensor makes it more flexible
    Will stay on as long as there is movementNo protection against flipping on/off constantly (e.g. minimum off period)Consider another model that has an adjustment pot if you need itOnly tested relay using 12V source
    Cheap, worth buying if you can deal with minor limitations, easier than building your own
  • Easy to Use IR Sensor

    posted by gmeyerbr

    A very simple and easy to use IR sensor array with 4 sensor with independent adjustable sensibility. Very usefful to employ in auto guided robot cars instead of mechanical switchs with bumpers.
    The instalation and use are easy. Just pay attention for the board indications. To calibrate use a non reflective barrier and adjust the pots until the edge of response
    A simple sensor for robotics hobbyist.A big deal considering the price.
  • very good sensor, works very well with raspberry pi

    posted by zhuyi

    somewhat low cost, couldn't get the cheaper one from DX, had to order this.package is as usual DX standard. Very easy to understand the connections, +5V, Ground, signal out, can adjust the holding time and sensitivity. Detect distance is pretty good, tried at least 7-10 meters, no problem.
    This is a very good sensor for DIY project, I believe it's a standard template design, since the layout is the same as rest of the similar products all over the web.
    worth to buy, highly recommended.
  • A Basic IR Proximity Detector

    posted by DendoRacing

    Easy to interface to the Arduino. Adjustable sensitivity for each detector allows detection range to be adjusted between 2cm to 5cm. LED indicators on board display detection status which makes tuning and testing simple.
    I was able to use this to build an Arduino obstacle avoidance robot that worked very well in the right conditions.
    A basic four channel IR proximity detector that is suitable for indoor use only. If you need a more robust detector, look for something that uses modulated IR light to filter out other light sources.

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