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infrared sensor led Customers Reviews

  • Very good lamp

    posted by lamcdonald

    -Very reliable, good range on the sensor, and the light-level detection is just right.-Brightness is adequate for night safety.-I have been using it for several months, and have had no problems except build quality.
    It's not bright enough to use as a main room light, but it's perfectly adequate as a safety light so you don't trip over things in the dark. Mine works well in a 4m x 6m (12ft x 18ft) room.
    I only bought one, due to the price and because I was unsure about the quality, but I will certainly be buying a few more!
  • Useful when you don't need a permanent light

    posted by W3irdN3rd

    I use it in the hallway so I can see where I'm walking without searching for the light switch in the dark and waking everybody up with the big lights. It works on rechargeable batteries. It responds well to motion and can be configured so it only lights up in the dark. This works as expected. The light is well flooded, it's not a spot.
    When the light is on, it draws 60mA from my Eneloops, so it would last somewhat over 30 hours in theory when left on all the time. In standby it draws 0.1mA so it would last in standby for.. years. I measured this with my own multimeter.I've compared the light output to a 7 watt lightbulb in a motion detector, it's hard to say which is brighter, also because the color temperature (cold LEDs vs. warm lightbulb) is completely different. Surprisingly, the bulb (in a motion detector housing) appears to be more focused where the LEDs seem to more flood the room. In lumen, the bulb would probably win. In perception (can I see where I'm walking?), they seem quite similar.It's really only a light to see where you are going, not to inspect the interior. In any room bigger than a small hallway you may want to install two of these lights.
    Small lights based on motion detection are quite common, but usually they have to be plugged in the wall and use a lightbulb. If you don't have an outlet available or want something that does not rely on the net, this is a great light to avoid accidents in the dark.
  • A 21st Century Lightbulb

    posted by DendoRacing

    Easily automates the lights in your house. Sensitivity is good with a decent angle and range. Includes a light sensor so the lights do not come on during the day. Stylish design that looks better than a normal light bulb.
    Finally the light bulb has entered the 21st century. We have a multi-story house with many stairs and corridors. By installing these light bulbs I am able to safely walk from top to bottom without touching a light switch.
    A modern and stylish light bulb that will automate your house.
  • Ideal for some.

    posted by JimHodge

    Highly sensitive. Only operates when dark.Sensible delay time.
    I bought this to light a dark hallway that leads to the lavatory and is a mystery walk at night, it comes on as soon as you approach and has ample light to find your way.In Australia there may be reliability problems due to suppliers retaining the old 240V service, despite it being changed on paper to 230V a decade ago, other countries probably have far less stress on components thanks to lower supply Voltage.
    Should have bought something like this years ago.
  • A real helping item.

    posted by luvasu

    Switches on with perfection. It needs dark area and a light movement. If the area has a little light, even through an small window with courtains do not switch = electricity saver.
    Imagine entering at home full loaded of your market (supermarket) supplies late in the evening, you'll need a third hand to switch on the entrance light... no need with this lamp installed. The door opening its enough movement to make it work. I do not have a porch but the use is the same, just approach and the light is on.
    I planned a change of low consumption bulbs (those with a light tube inside) in all of the house due to the contens of mercury in those tubes. DX LED products are a big help to this purpose. They are great to "slim" the electricity bill.


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