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infrared remote Customers Reviews

  • Works perfect

    posted by Dennisf

    Works perfect with my Canon EOS 450D (or Rebel XSI in the US). Switch the camera to the infrared function, push the button on the remote and it takes a picture instantly.
    A perfect accessory for my Canon EOS. Especially handy when making Macro photo's or a picture of you and your family without using the timerfunction on your Camera.
    For this money you can't go wrong.
  • Excellent for slave fill light flashes

    posted by xluccianox

    Very easy to use, you just plug it and it will do the work. Plus it has a tripod screw in case you want to place the flash in a tripod or some structure. I bought two of this and tried them with an old flash (National PE 200), a Canon 300 EZ and a Canon 320 EX, it worked perfect even moving the flashes arround and separating them. It uses no battery, just plug and play.
    Excellent for old flashes and photography studios.
    You should buy it if you are interested in using many flashes in an inexpensive way.
  • IR controller for up to 7 devices, good buttons

    posted by grendizer

    Known chineese brand, good price (half of that in local shop), quality buttons - 100% response, works with 16 series of philips TVs, 8 series of sharp TVs, 12 of panasonic, knows 36 series of sony devices. Still no wear of printed symbols. Low power comsumption, red indicator LED.
    Knows Siemens sat, Pentax VCRs, also Philco, Singer, siarem, Tai wah, Stern, Skygiant, Seleco, PYE, Quartz, Quelle, Optimus, Siesta, Tandberg...
    I've bought it to control 2 tv's and sat and it just works. It even more convinient to press than on original philips remote. For this price i think about leaving some around the room. hundreds of models (3 digit codes), 50+ of brands including unknown ones. In my case some buttons are left on the original remote.
  • Excellent universal remote for my heat pump and TV, Chinese only, sadly.

    posted by calijewan

    Inexpensive, can control my heat pump/ac unit from anywhere. Sort of easy to set up even though everything is in Chinese.
    I was looking for a cheaper way to turn on my heater other than paying $300 for a thermostat for my Mr. Slim unit. This unit allows me to turn off my unit from anywhere in the world. Programming the buttons are a little tricky, as the Mr. Slim remote works a little differently than how a TV would work (one button touch sends all settings on the remote). So instead of programming a 'volume up' button or 'channel up' button, I have 3 buttons set plus the power button. Low is about 65 F or 18C, Medium is 70 F or 20 C, and High is 80 F or 25 C. That's all I really need.
    Once the app gets translated to English, this unit will easily beat the Logitech. It does, however, rely on an outside server in Beijing to establish a connection with your mobile device (verified via looking at my firewall logs), which is a little unnerving but I guess the NSA has been spying on me for years so it's nothing new.
  • Works great

    posted by ApereAap

    The remote controller is really cheap compared to the ones you buy in the normal stores. The performance of the RC is comparable!
    Because it is so small, you can stick it easily in your camera bag so you won't forget to bring it when you're on a trip!
    For professional use, there are better RC's, but if one wants to use it for every now and then, it is defenitely good enough!
    If you want to buy a RC, this one suits perfectly!


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