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  • Pretty Great!

    posted by mdubbs

    Quite a lot smaller & lighter than I'd expected, it's about the size of a USB key, perhaps a little broader and narrower. It's light enough that you could carry it around all day without ever knowing. If you're carrying a compatible camera, the size and weight of this are completely negligible. It works at a surprisingly long range. Definitely preferable over a cable release. The battery is interchangeable.
    keep in mind that you can't see what the camera is trying to focus on, so it may miss focus quite easily. It may be worthwhile to prefocus and then switch to manual mods
    Recommended buy. The price is about an eighth of what the legit Nikon goes for, so it's kind of a no-brainer. Would be a great gift for anyone with a supported DSLR.I'd consider getting a spare battery, however, as there's no guarantees that the included battery will last in the long term.
  • Does what it is supposed to

    posted by pauksh

    Works excellent on my alpha 380. It has two functions - immediate and after 2 seconds. Batteries are included.Has a manual, which is not really needed, because the device is really simple and easy to use.
    The packaging was broken and I thought i didn't work, because I forgot to pull out the safety plastic or how you call that thing. And make sure to put the right shutter regime!
    Good value and works perfect. Definitely will recommend to my friends!
  • Useful

    posted by djmuku

    - It really works!
    - Small and lightweight.
    Dimensions: 2.37 in x 1.1 in x 0.28 in
    Weight: 0.56 oz
    - Workable range is about 5 meters
    - If you need a remote control, its answer your purpose.
    - It s easy to use. Because it has got a button :D
    - It is useful for Pentax Cam.
    - I am useing with Pentax K20D and its work great.
    - It has best price.
    - Its about 25 $ in my country.
    - Buy it and you will not be dissapointed.
    - Good device.
  • Useful little gadget for Oly cameras

    posted by saabie

    It's really small (almost as my thumb), fits in the smallest pocket of my bag, but still comfortable to hold in hand. Price is good, original Olympus RM-1 remote costs 7-8 times more.Quite strong IR beam, works even from behind camera, for example reflected from a white wall.
    Build quality is good, reasonably thick plastic with self-adhesive foil on top.Works great with my Olympus E-300, it should work with all similar Oly E-types as well.
    A nice gadget to keep in the camera bag. Useful when making self-photos, or when using the camera on a tripod (you won't shake it when you push the button)
  • Works great

    posted by kagelump

    Works perfectly with the canon 540EZ. Much more reliable than the cheap RF cactus triggers.
    I use these for multi flash setups. If you don't have anythign taht needs a PC sync cord, then you can just get the SYK-3 ones instead.
    Perfect for if you have any cheap old flashes that you'd like to put to use. will not work on minolta shoes. Will not work with 430EX.


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