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infrared motion Customers Reviews

  • Light sensors works great; easy installation

    posted by cosmicray

    The device easily detects motions in its working range. The schematics on the device is very useful, though there is no instruction in English.
    Manufacturer would do a great job if the back of the device was covered by an insulating material.Also, there is no way to attach the device to the wall of ceiling. I managed to do it on the plastic ceiling by attaching it to a special bulb socket that was lacking a bulb.
    Although it's not perfect I highly recommend it to anyone, because it's very useful.
  • Very usefull

    posted by kakhao

    I didn't excepted such small sensor worked so good. It's really covers declared distance: 3-4 meters.
    Really useful. Mounts as usual lamp and lights on when someone moves near if it's dark around. So this way this lamp really saves electricity. Moreover, this is LED lamp that is very economy.
    I think manufacturer can improve the lamp's circuit scheme easily and release better product.
    Very useful thing for many king of situations. At porch, at balcony, garret etc
  • Fantastic PIR module with included relay.

    posted by Rebootedc

    - IR sensor works like a charm.- Trim regulator lets you adjust relay closing time.- Can be used with plenty varieties of voltages and powers, from simple AAA to powerful Lead-Acid batteries.- Separated sensor PCB gives you more flexibility when placing the sensor.
    I'll upload some photos soon.
    I wanted to build an IR controlled 12V led light and I first tried with sku.139624 but I had no means of making it close a relay with its low output.Someone told me to fix my problem with a transistor, but since I don't have much knowledge of electronics he suggested me to buy this module with included relay.And, man, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
  • Very Good Items

    posted by Hawker

    Very good Price. I have ordered these from other electronics suppliers for about $10 a piece. My application is to use these for turning on lights. When triggered it will slowly bring up accent lighting and when the sensor isn't triggers the lights will slowly dimm.
    with these prices I might need to build more PIR sensor lights for my house.
    Good price, good quality
  • Better Than Expected

    posted by rcarlyle

    It just works and works very effectively
    To be frank, I wasn't expecting much, so when I opened the door and found the light on, I expected that it just stayed on, but I was wrong. After leaving it alone for a couple of minutes, it turned off and was so sensitive that it actually switched on as I opened the door and also from the bottom of the stairs.
    Excellent product which makes me think that I should purchase a couple more.

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