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You can buy cheap infrared module from us. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

infrared module Customers Reviews

  • very good sensor, works very well with raspberry pi

    posted by zhuyi

    somewhat low cost, couldn't get the cheaper one from DX, had to order this.package is as usual DX standard. Very easy to understand the connections, +5V, Ground, signal out, can adjust the holding time and sensitivity. Detect distance is pretty good, tried at least 7-10 meters, no problem.
    This is a very good sensor for DIY project, I believe it's a standard template design, since the layout is the same as rest of the similar products all over the web.
    worth to buy, highly recommended.
  • Perfect ffor a DiY project

    posted by moimoiici

    Suitable resistors are present on PCB.You just have to plug GND, 5V and to get the output.Embedded led is great to test in a standalone way.You do not need to be an expert to use it.
    Distance between LED and photo-transistor is 10mm.A good opto-interrupter. You just have to think where you can use it in your projects.
    I will certainly use it to count rpm in project where a motor will be involved.
  • Excellent IR module

    posted by iPadrig

    Solidly build IR moduleNicely finished, heavy and robustThick aluminium in case any heat dispersing is necessary Throws a lot of IR light (It's like turning on a powerful flashlight in front of your Nightvision Gen1)
    If you own a Gen1 Night Vision and you have a Ultra Fire or equivalent Flash Light, this is the combo to go for. a whole new world of visibility opens up for your NV. In my opinion it's a very good buy!
  • a must have device!

    posted by david.vinazza

    Device is cheap, easy to use and quality is ok. Best thing is: fits perfectly into a small breadboard and has cool mounting holes.Lots of diy proyects online involve devices like this one.
    I have found it pretty easy to use this item with my arduino board, yet i know PIC fans can handle it perfectly too.
    I use it on home-brew projects. Sending information through air can be a cheap solution to many simple ideas.
  • Great little sensor, great for Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects

    posted by neduz

    Cheap, configurable timing and sensitivity
    I tested it with an Arduino and a multimeter: The device works with 5V supply (the pins are market: 5V, Out, GND). The output is 3.3V, which is enough for an Arduino digital input, and this should also work on a Raspberry Pi GPIO port. The 3.3V output doesn't seem strong enough to drive a 5V relay board such as the 144140 (which has optocouplers).
    Great if you want to experiment with motion activated Arduino projects.

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