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infrared lens Customers Reviews

  • It works for me

    posted by TechApprentice

    - Arrived intact
    - has a power plug connector
    - good amount of IR light
    - cheap
    I bought a baby monitor with night vision camera locally (The Netherlands) about 1,5 years ago. Unfortunatly it fell down a couple of times and the ir led where not working any more. I search DX for the board with matched the size of the defective board and then waited (15days in total).
    Removed the plastic connector and soldered the wires directly to the pins. Soldered the wires on the other end directly to the 12V contact on the PCB of the Camera.
    It Works!!! light is fine. I tested with objects maximum 2,5 meters away.
  • Good IR leds for CCTV cameras!

    posted by FabaDefe

    the bright is high if the camera has a high pass filter, it's a good product, good leds quality. the sum of the 3 components results in a great IR light.
    ideal for investigations of IR light, very cheap to experiment without spending much money
    inexpensive, acceptable quality, good shipping, recommended
  • Excellent lighting, works well for the rear view camera in the car.

    posted by grekus85

    Excellent lighting, works well for the rear view camera in the car. I bought it for the rear view camera on your car, had to consider the placement, because the device does not have a case. Performs its function perfectly - in the dark image from the camera is perfectly visible. In general I do not like it.
    I want to order a few more pieces for the DVR.
    Great device at a good price.
  • Very strong IR light, works well.

    posted by mastertheknife

    Completely identical to the IR board that came with my camera, the PCB color was blue, but otherwise, everything on that board was completely identical.
    Very easy to install, open camera's front, unplug the 12VDC connector from the old board, take out the old board, put in the new one, plug in the 12VDC connector.
    It just works :)
    The IR board that came with my CCTV camera was there for over a year and half of the LEDs are not working anymore. After replacing the stock IR board with this one, IR light is much stronger now because all LEDs are working now.
  • Top class product

    posted by GomerPyle2

    These things are absolutely brilliant.20 IR leds will cost you almost as much as this item and here you're getting 35 soldered to a board, with resistors ready to run off 12vdc.I have a cheap wireless camera with 6 IR leds (bought off that bay place) and I wish that I'd paid the extra and bought the DX one.Anyway, the camera I have isn't very good at night, so I wired up one of these little beauties to 12vdc and at night it lights up half of my yard.
    Don't have any.
    If you need some IR leds for any night camera then grab a few of these. You won't regret it.


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