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infrared laser Customers Reviews

  • Works like a charm, good value for money

    posted by entitee

    Works well as a child non-contact thermometer for the range of human body temperature.Sensitivity is within acceptable tolerance levels.Build quality is not bad, and the battery is provided. Battery has lasted me quite a few months so that is good.There is a backlit screen for night readings.
    Satisfied with the product - performance and price-wise I doubt you can get any much better than this.
  • Good item!

    posted by DealMF

    - Great build quality.- Battery included.- Very clear and nice looking display with backlight.- Easy interface once getting use to it.- Well I have measured room temps and snow so far. No problems.
    It come with the carrying bag on the picture but nothing more, not even some instructions are included. Not that you need it.
    Feels like a solid product. Can only think a price drop but I can recommend it.
  • Excelent tool

    posted by elomy2010

    - Great percision, manual says +-2C, but it seems absolutely percise- pretty percise even on shiny surfaces with weird emissivity- LCD backlight very good for wine-cellar and similar conditions- C/F degrees switch- laser can be switched off to save battery
    Plastic looked a little flimsy from the screenshot/videos, but is actually durable-enough. (but still not good for dropping from heights).If anyone would have time for improving this, adding another laser to show measured diameter in given distance could be nice. Predator-like lasers would also be great!
    After running through house measuring everything in sight...I found this especially good for homebrewing (no more flimsy breakable glass&similar thermometers). Friend is using this for grilling meat (results are good too).You can even get detective-ish and measure whether someone was recently sitting in your favorite chair (cuz it's 2-3deg warmer than environs)..
  • Great and very usefulle thermometer

    posted by MHudon77

    This is another great proposition from Dealextreme. We verified and the measures are very precise. Tired of these thermometer giving really approximate readings? Here the solution. You're just one click away from knowing the exact outside temps, the temperature of the oil in your frying pan or the temp of your chimney. You can switch it from Celsius to Fahrenheit and some might found that it was dumb to put an on/off switch there, but I really appreciate it.
    This unit does not need a lot of energy to work well!
    I'd definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
  • Oh my what a gadget :)

    posted by evincar

    I haven't tested is against a good thermometer, but when I'm measuring my pizza stone on my barbecue, I don't care if it is accurate to a degree. It provides a steady reading so that I know when it has reached the right temperature. It is a hit with every guy that I show it to, the red light doesn't do anything with the measuring, it only shows you where you are pointing (and for playing with the cat).
    One of the few that goes to high enough temperatures for my barbecue.
    Good product!

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