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infrared filter Customers Reviews

  • Cheap way to get into IR photography

    posted by jphphotography

    As far as IR filters go this is pretty cheap. The optics appear to be nice and clear as well. Tested with my G10 using sku 19677 and was really happy with the results.
    I found typical exposure times with the filter installed on my G10 were 4 seconds at F2.8 ISO200 in bright mid-day sunlight. If shooting in colour mode the pictures will have a purple cast to them, I just put my camera into BW mode instead.I wrote a blog post on this which shows a photoshopped version of my test image http://jph-photography.blogspot.com/2009/08/digital-adventures-in-infrared.htmlThis won't work on all digital cameras, it depends on the strength of the hot-mirror (IR blocking filter) that is installed on the image sensor. Try googling your camera model + "IR photography" to see if other people have had success or failure.
    If your camera can do IR this is the cheapest way to get into the game.
  • OK for experimenting with IR photography

    posted by Muhilisa

    Cheap for a 850nm IR, quality of build is excellent
    The IR filter blocks most of the visible light reaching the sensor of your digital camera for some really nice creative effect. The more light they block the more expensive they are. The 720nm is the standard, but this 850nm is for long exposures using some sort of trippod.The filter itself is nicely built but it falls flat in opticaj quality. The vignette is quite strong and pictures are sometimes too light in the center to be usable.
    For the price it's ok. Solid for experimenting a bit to see if you like IR photography. If you want to get more serious with it afterwards then buy a more expensive, brand name, IR filter.
  • Very good entry-level IR filter

    posted by lajoswinkler

    It's slim, the material seems to be sturdy and of good quality.Optical quality seems to be very good. The surface of the glass is even, there are no scratches and no stains.
    The filter says "850nm" but glowing incadescent filament can be seen through it in deep red color, therefore a very small amount of visible light is transmitted.
    It's a reasonably well made filter for this price. If you want to start with infrared photography, this is an excellent choice.
  • Good filter for experimenting with IR

    posted by quaqqa

    Cheap filter which is good enough for getting started with infrared photography. This filter blocks all visible light and gives a strong IR effect.
    Normal digital cameras have an internal IR blocking filter so bright sunlight, tripod and long exposure are required to get any results. Manual exposure and focus required. Modern lenses are not intended for IR and may have a hot spot problem which can make the lens useless for IR, but that's not a fault of the filter.
    Try this for a challenge. Results may not be razor sharp but interesting anyway.

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