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in ear stereo earbuds

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in ear stereo earbuds Customers Reviews

  • Nice earbuds!

    posted by javikarras

    Nice earbuds with a very good sound, almost better than others earbuds at the same price. Metallic colour is very kind and lovely.
    I've bought then for a daily use but they're a amazing quality and are very resistant.
    A good quality earbuds at a low price. I love it sincerely, the sound is very clear and kind.
    If you want a good earbuds for day to day, buy it!!
  • Decent headphone

    posted by Abio1880

    Decent earbuds for the price they are asking. Mostly we use them on train or airplane, and then the sound-qualty isn't that important, but more that your hearing gets the sound, and not the sound of the airplane or train. And these does that pretty good.
    They look pretty good, but feels a bit cheap. Ofocurse, they ARE cheap...
    If you want best sound, buy another item. But if you are using them just to get rid of the background noise, these will do it!
  • really perfectly

    posted by tortenheber

    this really beautiful headphones are manufactured from aluminum.
    this makes a very high-quality general impression.
    the cable is very very long and stable. the plug is likewise in aluminum held.
    practical are also the three spare plugs provided.
    3 adapter to the headphone to fit each ear.
    sounded to very beautiful headphone with a perfect.
    no background noises are left into the ear. one hears only ITS music
  • Good quality running earphones

    posted by QuantumChoco

    First pair of earphones that are comfortable to run with, good quality and don't have to worry about them falling out of your ear.
    Would be nice to have something to slide up and down the cord where it splits to left and right but not overly needed.
    Good quality and reliable earphones, definitely for the price.
  • Pretty Good

    posted by MKGowe

    ~Sound quality is ideal~Cable length is quite long~Fits well in ear~Looks pretty good
    Good for sports too, and people that just want secure fitting earphones. The joint between the cable and the earphone may cause discomfort if you have rather small ears, but after some time the ears will adjust and discomfort will be non existant
    Probably the best value, low end earphones out there. This after trying several similar (and lower priced) earphones in the market. These will do fine until you are ready to go for the high end earphones

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