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You can easily find the latest low priced in ear noise offered at our online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Try browsing in ear bass, awei in ear. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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in ear noise Customers Reviews

  • Great Deal

    posted by jjbubka

    - Great Sound, i have tested several earphones on DX, and this is the best deal of them.- The bass sound is good, not like others.- The isolation is really good. I use it in the office and makes me think im alone.- they don't hurts my ears like other earbuds (i think it's for allergic reasons).
    The best price/quality ratio for cheap earphones here on DX.I recommend it to use it with mobile phones to listen to your music, it's very handy.
  • Ideal to sleep next to a snorer!

    posted by voskovek

    - Very good isolation;
    - Easy to use;
    - The straps are a good add-on for those who fear sticking something deep into their ears.
    - They go back to original shape after use, so you can reuse them a couple more times.
    Not to be re-used a lot of times, since they start getting dirty. Fortunately, they're cheap enough to let you buy 5 pairs or even more if you use them often.
    While they actually don't isolate 100%, they're extremely useful for situations such us: sleeping next to someone who snores, or next to a crying baby (I found them really usefull when I travelled across Russia by train, those are long journeys and you find all kinds of noisy passengers along the way).
    I sometimes use them in my own room, since my room faces the street, and heavy traffic starts early in the morning
  • Not bad at all

    posted by adc27

    They muffle sounds very well. They can be squeezed quite tightly for easy insertion in the ear canal and they expand well to fit snugly in ear.
    Decent earplugs. Reasonable value, despite the missing strap.Consider wearing ear muffs on top, if in very noisy environments. DX can help there too.
    Not bad at all.
  • The best one o dealextreme!

    posted by renatogava

    Its great quality and it really isolates the noises!!Finally found one in-ear earplugs that really works!Its very ease to fit on ear!
    Its not like the cheaper ones i have bought (also here on deal extreme), the material its something like silicone and very moldable!Already bought 3 pairs of it, they are just great!
    I will keep buying it, they are great for when you are sleeping! No more neighbors or birds noises!!Finally!
  • great little things :)

    posted by cinemur

    price! they are so cheap that i don't believe that they could sound so good for that little money. i had some cheap earphones but never so cheap, and never ones with that sound. wooden design gives them warmth in sound, and they are sooo light weight. great thing is that they come with keeper box and extra silicon tips, something that many more expensive earphones don't have
    i got them in same shipment as JVC x1 earphones so i could compare them straight from the box. they sound really good, also they fits pretty easy in my ear and in my wife's ear. i bought them for her (she is not so demandy :) ) and she like them more than original htc cha-cha earphones, so i think they are great deal
    i know that they are not the best that you could find, but for this price, at least, they are the best back up solution that you can get, and if you are looking for something expensive, buy this also for 'just in case...' :)

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