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illuminator board plate

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illuminator board plate Customers Reviews

  • Not 60mm external diameter and only 31mm inner diameter

    posted by ffcru

    Works. Good price and quality. Not bad replacement for my outdoor camera.
    It would be nice if in the components overview will be link to the appropriate product.
    Not a bad thing for this money, but does not match the required dimensions.
  • no bed device, but no exellent

    posted by vlvlvl

    If you replace the original board in your cctv csmers, you may by do not see any changes. It no powerful, but you can see the human at 2 to 3 meeters. if you use thes device as a additional lighter, you must have 3 to5 pcs in your lighting.
    If you want to d`nt see red light- you must use the IR filter. for example ir-filters to photos from this site. Simple ir-filter you can do with Kodak ASA100 foto film (after lighting this add processing)
    it good for this price!
  • Very strong IR light, works well.

    posted by mastertheknife

    Completely identical to the IR board that came with my camera, the PCB color was blue, but otherwise, everything on that board was completely identical.
    Very easy to install, open camera's front, unplug the 12VDC connector from the old board, take out the old board, put in the new one, plug in the 12VDC connector.
    It just works :)
    The IR board that came with my CCTV camera was there for over a year and half of the LEDs are not working anymore. After replacing the stock IR board with this one, IR light is much stronger now because all LEDs are working now.
  • Works OK

    posted by bhassett

    Good build quality. Includes daylight sensor to turn IR leds off during the day. Power input (12v, approx 100mA) is by a standard 2-pin connector (0.1 inch apart). The plastic cover of the connector can be pulled off to expose the two pins if you don't have exactly the right connector available. Unit was not damaged when I connected the power the wrong way round first time.
    Beam is narrow, approx 2 feet wide at a distance of 10 feet. The illumination range was less than 10 feet, so this is not suitable for long-distance illumination.
    Before buying, check if your camera can see the output from a TV remote control, this unit seems to be a very similar wavelength.
    Works as advertised. Most suitable for range less than 8-10 feet, so would be best for monitoring a doorway. I use mine to check my child stays in bed, and is perfect for this job.
  • Good, quality product

    posted by mikmik33

    Fast delievery to Bulgaria. Good product. The sensor work well. Price is perfect! Fit perfect to my sony camera. Just remove old IR and put this in place and the night vision is on the move.
    Good product. The sensor work well. Price is perfect! Maybe i will order 5 more pieces.
    Good product. The sensor work well. Price is perfect!

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