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illumination usb Customers Reviews

  • More features/price than a 10 000$ microscope

    posted by ATN22

    -Nice polished look
    -The body of the microscope is made of sturdy plastic
    -The capture&measure software included are very similar to those included with professionnal digital microscope
    -Comes with dimmable white LEDs
    -Allows a wide range of zoom
    -The zoom and focus are not independant, so one have to move the microscope closer to the specimen in order to really zoom in. It also takes more time to adjust precisely.
    -Even if the microscope is plug&play, I suggest to install the software in order get the full functionnality.
    -It makes a "snapshot" sound when taking a picture... I am not shure this is realy useful since you see the snapshot apearing in the screen.
    Great value and a lot of functions for the price!
    I recommand it for anyone or any labs that doesn't need an high end microscope or does not have a very high budjet.
  • muy buen producto

    posted by johnmalu

    buen producto muy mono, no se confundan no es mause, es una lampara led muy potente y de bajo consumo de energia, lo uso en mi laptop por las tardes donde no hay luz, se ve muy bien.
    el precio me parece justo aunque quizas deberian ofrecer en varios colores y modelos. :)))me gusta mucho su cadena o lo que sea, pues te permite acomodarlo como a uno mejor le resulte mejor.
    buen producto. barato, facil uso, y de transport y manipulacion sencilla.tambien es ideal para uso de escritorio pues simplemente lo doblas gracias a su cable y alumbras donde desees es muy practico. yo recomiendo este producto.
  • Very nice and handy

    posted by adrito8

    you can angle the light panel to the position you want, Works nice and is very handy, i hunted all over town for these lights but no one carried them nor had they even heard of these type of lights, all they carried were very small plug in 1 to 3 LED type lights, lots of light due to multiple LED's could be used with Laptop or in my case as a desk lamp connected to 220v-5v USB adapter
    his is the best thing i buyed from dealextreme
    perfect buy it, im gonna buy another one or three
  • Good device

    posted by ZFerracini

    Good device, easy to use and much better than a general digital camera that do not show the details . This device shows good details.
    Nice device, very easy to use, very easy to handle, very easy to undesrtand how to use. Very helpful device to check details in coins, documents, cash, details in tools and is more simple to use than a microscope.
    Good device to check details in other equipaments or documents easy to use than a microscope.
  • Fun and probably eductional

    posted by drboyd

    Easy software install on Windows XP, but I'm jealous because I didn't get the free virus on my disk like everyone else did.focus is adjustable via the thumbwheel. I'm guessing the button is to take a snapshot.Enough LEDs for good illumination.
    Good fun! I'm thinking about getting a bunch for family nextChristmas, except for the Windows 7 install issue noted in another review.
    I've got five bucks that says you look up your nose with it the first time you plug it in!

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