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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase ii usb here and you can save money at the same time. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Your support is our greatest motivation.

ii usb Customers Reviews

  • Works just fine

    posted by CosmoVitelli

    - Works fine for charging as well as data transfer
    - Small pack size when not used, fine for traveling
    - Length over all (incl. plugs) is about 79 cm
    Items like this, which means accessories for older PDA, are sometimes hard to find.
    I was more than happy when I discovered this item, as the HTC Himalya (this is the name the manufacturer gave it) does not use a normal mini USB plug, but a special, proprietary one.
    There is also a battery (model PH17B) for this PDA offered at DX, it is SKU23948 and it is working fine, too.
    If you get one of this older PDA, do not underestimate ist: It can run Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.5 without any problems - you just have to make an (unofficial) update.
    Useful item at a very good price, get one! :-)
  • I like it

    posted by SiLencer007

    - Short cable for data transfer and charging. - Easy to carry around in the bag or even in the pocket. - Works for every device with the micro USB port.
    I still have no idea what the magnet is for,it's not strong enough to make the cable act as a bracelet or anything so I really have no idea..but it's a cute idea.
    Great item to have around in the bag for when you need to quickly transfer data or just charge your phone in the occasional places.
  • Easy to use case

    posted by GiTsu

    -Handy never-to-loose cable-Good M/B compatibility-Only one usb port needed-Carrying pounch included
    It has a handy cable that is impossible to forget or loose, very easy to store in minimum space. But screws holding parts together are too small and unreliable (After two month I had to glue the case). Unfortunately I couldn't make it work in USB 3.0 mode on my Asus M4A88T-I Deluxe motherboard W7 x64 under any driver configuration. While it is equipped with JMS539 chip which really declares USB 3.0 support, datarate did never exceeded 30mbps (USB 2.0 maximum).
    Nice really portable device (one usb port power is always enough, good cable), but speed isn't fascinating.
  • Good choice

    posted by romainpnct

    Just works. Good length. Good diameter (flexible yet not flimsy).
    Good length and flexibility to use a phone or tablet with usb power adapter plugged in (some manufacturers tend to include very short cables with their products, and some like the Sony ones are very rigid, which hampers freedom of movement).
    Not perfect but definitely a very good bargain. Buy a bunch of these so instead of spending time looking for your tablet's/phone usb cable, you can keep one full time with each of your computers.
  • Very helpful charger

    posted by ervin79

    Nice finish, good quality. very useful gadget. It gives the look of more expensive charger, than it is. But the most important of all, it does the job it's meant for. Cable length is just enough, fits between the car's lighter socket and the windshield, and there is not much cable hanging all over the car.
    I use it with ZTE atlas phone, also tried on Samsung galaxy mini, and Motorola defy +...and it works. Now in my car I can listen to online radios, use my other communication software, without afraid of emptying my phone's battery.
    Every car must have one of these chargers. It can be used with many more devices, not only those in title of the offer.And the best for the end, my order came much sooner than I expected. It has arrived within 19 days.

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