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  • Must have for reading old HDD

    posted by oceanuz

    Good price point for this dock. Plug and play (on Linux). Hdd can easily fit. Support both SATA and IDE. (I bought this for the old IDE HDDs as there's no PC around to read them anymore. Now I have couple hundreds more GB to stash my ever increasing data...
    There seems to be an issue with having multiple HDDs or cards in the dock. - When SATA HDD and IDE HDD are put it, only one of the drive can be mounted. - It could be power requirement, or could be the Ubuntu system I'm using No further investigation as I don't usually need them together.
    It works as intended.
  • Handy tool to have

    posted by mvikman

    Supports SATA and 2.5" & 3.5" IDE HDDs directy, no adapter cables needed.Detachable USB-cable, if the supplied cable lost or isn't long enough, you can use any USB-MiniUSB cable.Basically driver-free operation when using Windows XP or newer operating system.
    I have used it with 1TB HDDs, propably will work with larger ones.I have used it on Windows OS only, so I don't know how it works with Mac OS.The package says the you can connect SATA and IDE HDDs at the same time, but I haven't tested it with two HDDs.
    If you need to transfer files from a broken computer to a new one, then this is the perfect thing to have.
  • A Must buy!!!!!!

    posted by ermissao

    You can connect PC or Notebook HDD IDE or Sata, and cd, dvd, blu ray and etc.You can install an OS (Windows, Linux) on external boot.Dá pra conectar HD ide de pc, IDE de notebook, SATA de pc e sata de notebook. E também gravador de DVD, CD, combo, blu ray e etc.Funciona como leitor externo de dvd pra instalar o sistema operacional.
    I use is to boot old or problematic HDD to save importante data from friends or in my work.Uso pra bootar HD problemáticos e salvar dados de amigos ou no trabalho.
    Vale a compra mas falta um botão liga desliga, pois ao conectar o plug na energia o hd liga, e o contrário para desligar.
  • Very good product

    posted by Ikarias

    Small product without the adapter. Comes with multiple data cables. Small base component. It has bright leds to inform of usage. It can be used without the power adapter for some disks
    It could have come with a small bag, since it has some lose cables and a power adapter. Would be nice to keep everything together.
    In all it is a good product that is defenitly worth the money. Low cost, very usefull, most of all if you want to drain those HD's that dont fit in the pc anymore.
  • USB 2.0 to 2.5" / 3.5" SATA IDE Hard Drive Adapter Cable

    posted by master64nl

    Simple tool for HD to connect via USB.Power supply is included and also the sata cable with the power cable for dataAutomatic installs every time the correct driver for the disk you connect.CD for people whom using Windows-98 :)
    Nothing cumming up in my mind.
    Nice tool for a good price. I recommend it for all whom are hobbying with disks and repair them.

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