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ide sata converter Customers Reviews

  • SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter Converter with AC Powe

    posted by rafhit

    very fast shipping (like less than a week)it was cheap and it came with all cables.good material.
    If you have old hard-drives or cd-rooms that you wanna use, this is a must-buy item.DX should have a section on their web-site for download software related with the products they sell.
  • Get it if you know what you are doing

    posted by gabosieiro

    Works, as simple as that. Tested it with PATA hard drives connected to modern motherboards SATA ports and with PATA optical drives connecteed to SATA interfaces. Has two onboard leds to indicate power on and activity.
    Might (most surely is) not be compatible with every brand of hard disk or optical drive or motherboard.
    I have bought three and used them in different scenarios and they all worked fine. Performance didn´t seem to be impaired.
  • Doesn't work with CD/DVD

    posted by djhideki

    Cheap (in Brazil it costs about US$15)
    welds were a bit rough and the board was a bit dirtythe packing said "converts sevial ATA to Paraller ATA"... really chinese stuff
    if you're using to connect a HD to a SATA port, nice... if you wanna use it for a CD/DVD drive, try another
  • A great little adapter

    posted by Marco9000

    Good to be able to use old PATA IDE drives on a newer motherboard or controller card. I've used it with both hard drives and a DVD-RW and it worked well.
    Some drives seem to work OK in "Cable Select" mode, but others require the jumper set to "Master".
    This inexpensive little converter paid for itself in the first few minutes of use for me.
    I initially bought one of these a few months ago, more or less as a tool box gizmo. I must admit I was skeptical at first based on the price compared to other units available here locally, but it works as advertised.

    Save the planet, don't throw away those old drives, adapt them to SATA!
    Works great for me.
    I now have two more on the way.
    What more can I say?
  • Works great

    posted by Megalos001

    - Cheap- Possible to use old HDDs again- Has an activity LED
    For my old IDE HDD, this converter works perfectly. Make sure however to set the HDD jumper setting to 'Master', otherwise it won't work (at least that was the case for me). Also make sure you don't plug this converter up-side-down (it's possible to plug it this way, but the computer won't recognize the HDD). Unfortunately this converter doesn't work well for my LG CD/DVD Drive; sometimes Windows recognizes the drive, but if I restart the PC sometimes it doesn't recognize the drive anymore.
    Cheap product that works perfectly for old HDDs. Not recommended in combination with CD/DVD Drives.

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