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  • Very Usefull Tool

    posted by carbafx

    The packaging is quite good. It came with a mini-CD with drivers. Easy to use and understand how it works.It was tested with Notebook HDD Sata and IDE.It works like a chamr when your computer crashes and you need to do a Backup of the drive.
    It is a good purchase for the right price.It tooks 23 days to arrive into Argentina.
    Nice tool for computer technicians, that need to perform backups from customers PC and notebooks.It works with SATA2, IDE 3.5", IDE (NB).For PC disk (3.5") the power needs to be used, for the NB disk, only with USB can work
  • USB 3.0 is worth it, especially for those large volumes

    posted by multia

    If you have to copy many gigabytes to a harddisk, you will surely appreciate that USB 3.0 can do that >10x faster than USB 2.0. Copying 50GB of data over the old USB2.0 is just not doable anymore.Thanks to this I use those old 300-500GB harddisks as if they were external usb drives and it's just as easy, just plug them in and that's it.
    I love this thing
    I can go home an hour earlier thanks to this, because I don't have to wait for my movies to finnish copying.
  • Finally, a very nice modern HDD enclosure on DX!

    posted by Anthonettex

    - build quality is quite good. Metal casing with attractive looking plastic fronts- hard drive is a breeze to install- included small screws and screwdriver- included faux leather- USB 2.0 AND eSata at a great price!
    - 500 character limit sucks. Here's your 500 characters. Do Command. Loop. 500 character limit sucks. Here's your 500 characters. Do Command. Loop. 500 character limit sucks. Here's your 500 characters. Do Command. Loop. 500 character limit sucks. Here's your 500 characters. Do Command. Loop…
    - I really love this HDD enclosure from DX; it's one of the finer ones here. It's also the only one with dual USB2.0 and eSata ports. Just get a cable from DX SKU 9288 and you'll be able to connect this to your eSata port.
  • not the most beatiful, but has its charm.

    posted by ChrisNasc

    simple to use.fast to transfer files - most of the times.relatively cheap.reliable.hard aluminum case. looks good near metal or wood.cabling with a good length.shipped fast.
    used to stream movies to my portable media player.also used to backup data from my server at home.would buy again if needed.if you have any problems with windows recognizing it, change your power supply.
    good product. would by again.
  • Won't regret your bought

    posted by fnez666

    Light, easy to use and the price is quite good too. Comes with a double usb connector if more power needed (I didn't need to use the 2nd yet).
    I needed an IDE to USB converter for my old laptop HDD and this item did the job perfectly. For the moment it's working fine.
    Pretty satisfied about this item. If you need it don't hesitate because it worth it and you won't regret it.

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