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ide hard drive

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ide hard drive Customers Reviews

  • It works, works, works

    posted by vagservice

    It's small, it works very well, it's got a built in LED status light. The price is cheaper than I could find anywhere for something like this
    Some people wonder why you would use this. Most laptops, where you typically find 44pin 2.5" drives, don't usually have room for these adapters. The true use, though, is in embedded systems that utilize these drives. If you need one you know that though.
  • No S-ata power cables

    posted by reusjep

    Cheaper than at any retailerFunctions just as goodMakes any harddisk externalDoes the same for any DVD/CD/BR drive.Supports S-ata as well as good old IDE for 2.5" and 3.5" harddisks
    None. Device does what it has to do.
    Good buy for the money. Too bad the S-ata power cables arent attached.
  • Cheap and useful.

    posted by bobo1on1

    The build quality is very good and the price is very low.
    Tested with sku.6534 (2gb kingston sdcard).
    Read speed:
    2013265920 bytes (2.0 GB) copied, 215.27 s, 9.4 MB/s
    Write speed:
    2013265920 bytes (2.0 GB) copied, 482.088 s, 4.2 MB/s
    Great product if you want to boot a computer from flash but it doesn't support booting from usb.
  • cheap SSD

    posted by omega256

    - As fast as my SD card is with a PDA (9 MB/s)
    - Fast access time, less than 1ms
    - Very cheap
    - Easy to use
    - Three very bright LEDs (Power, SD, Access)
    So all in all it's a very nice thing. Very fast, easy to use, and the cheapest SSD you can build. 4Gb SSD at around 20$.
    I can't check if, SDHC works.
  • Good converter for zif to 1.8 IDE connector

    posted by lyangsuper

    I used this together with a SATA to 1.8" IDE Hard Drive Adapter Card (SKU 19736) to connect a mtron mobi 3018 drive to a regular pc. The mtron is a ZIF ide drive but using this you can connect it to a regular sata connector.
    Easy to use just click together and go, the zif cables are slightly different in format so try both of them if one doesn't quite fit.
    Excellent combined with the sata-ide adapter to connect zif drives to SATA connectors.

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