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  • Easy to Use RFID

    posted by arnoldsen

    Very easy to use.Sends a string with frames, CS and the TAG number in plain 9600 Baud serial format.Plain and simple.Interfaces very well with all microcontrollers operating at 5V (haven't tested at 3.3V).The framing characters 0x02 for start and 0x03 are easy to detect, and will never be a part of the TAG-number or CS, because it is ASCII coded.Reading from the module is simply done by waiting for 0x02 - receive 12 characters - if the next is 0x03, then a full TAG number is received.
    Plug in the moduleSet up serial portRead the tagnumber, when it is presentedNo Problem
    Good value for money module.
  • RFID K2000

    posted by VladimirKamenov

    The device is very compact. It has all the necessary features.The settings are very easy and intuitive to use. There is documentation in English. Briefly and clearly shows all the steps to set up and usage.
    One can easily install and configure K2000 for access control door opening system via RFID or public PIN
    Very good product to use at home and office.K2000 supports up to 500 keys.After contacting all komponeneti correctly, the system offers very good opportunities.
  • Fast and easy installed RFID card reader.

    posted by marsinee

    The product was recognized by Windows 8 immediately when plugged in. No need to install any drivers. The product register as a external keyboard (HID).Read tags fast and easy.If 2 tags get placed on the reader it will read one of them.
    Some documentation would ease the pain of finding the hardware id. A link to the documentation would be sufficient. You will need this information to code an application not running as your prime application in windows.
    Good buy at the price. Really fast delivery. Will re-order.
  • Good Holder.

    posted by dejaime

    A bit bigger than I expected, fits a pen inside, as well as the passport, air ticket and credit cards.Has an external coins pocket and both, the external pocket and the holder itself, have zippers to keep them closed. This way, nothing will fall from it.
    The little airplane on the front is made of a simple plastic, seems to be glued on the holder. Not sure if it'll fall from its place soon.
    Good holder, but too big for pockets. If you plan on carrying yours on your pockets, go for a smaller one.
  • Perfect cards for begginers' security system

    posted by pcmihnea

    In addition to the SKU174455 ID-card reader, you have a PC-controlled user authentication solution (you just need the appropriate software, or make your own!). The price is right; the cards come in a transparent 5-card cover. The cards themselves aren't blank, they're just factory set to the code numerical code printed on them, so read-only operation.
    It's a bit hard to print directly on them, but you could just write with a permanent/CD marker (although it would look that professional, but it's easier and cheaper).
    Have a ID-card reader than operates with 125KHz cards? Then this will suit your needs!

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