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id card reader

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase id card reader here and you can save money at the same time. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Of course, you can find them from ipad card reader, xd card reader. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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id card reader Customers Reviews

  • Bloody Brilliant

    posted by camf3498

    Great value!Really easy to integrate into software applications as it works just like a keyboard and presses enter afterwards!No installation was required, it has plug and play so plug it in and off you go! It really is that easy!Also, when an RFID card has been successfully scanned, the device beeps and an LED light flashes to acknowledge the card which is quite helpful
    You can truly use it with anything... I'm going to use mine as an access control module which opens a door if the right RFID card is presented.It's range is average, not good or bad. It's acceptable; it detects up to about two inches.
    Great product for the price! An absolute steal!
  • RFID K2000

    posted by VladimirKamenov

    The device is very compact. It has all the necessary features.The settings are very easy and intuitive to use. There is documentation in English. Briefly and clearly shows all the steps to set up and usage.
    One can easily install and configure K2000 for access control door opening system via RFID or public PIN
    Very good product to use at home and office.K2000 supports up to 500 keys.After contacting all komponeneti correctly, the system offers very good opportunities.
  • Nicely built USB HID card rader for all OSes

    posted by amujunen

    Nice build, good enclosure finishing quality. Works as an USB HID keyboard so no drivers needed for most of operating systems, including Linux. Powered by USB cable, so you just hook it up and go.
    A potentially very nice device to tap into using info form existing key entry cards---though you need to verify compatibility with your particular cards. Quite low-cost.
    A small, clean, easy to setup reader that should interface to most operating systems without additional drivers. Need to test compatibility with your own cards if you plan to read existing cards.
  • Easy to Use RFID

    posted by arnoldsen

    Very easy to use.Sends a string with frames, CS and the TAG number in plain 9600 Baud serial format.Plain and simple.Interfaces very well with all microcontrollers operating at 5V (haven't tested at 3.3V).The framing characters 0x02 for start and 0x03 are easy to detect, and will never be a part of the TAG-number or CS, because it is ASCII coded.Reading from the module is simply done by waiting for 0x02 - receive 12 characters - if the next is 0x03, then a full TAG number is received.
    Plug in the moduleSet up serial portRead the tagnumber, when it is presentedNo Problem
    Good value for money module.
  • using for id card

    posted by userul

    installation and using very easy
    overall it's a good product for this money, I am using it for electronic signature and it's excellent for what do I need
    good value for the money, medium quality of the cable, requires attention when you are using it but overall it a good product, most the competitors have double prices but not for double quality.good value for the money, medium quality of the cable, requires attention when you are using it but overall it a good product, most the competitors have double prices but not for double quality.

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