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i9300 soft silicone

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i9300 soft silicone Customers Reviews

  • Great deal

    posted by cricutter

    Great price, protects the phone, easy on and off, super cute! Very flexible. Very good quality, the coloured pieces are not scratching as they are solid pieces not just painted. The fit of this case on my Samsung S 3 is very good, and the shape of the legs provides extra cushioning for the corners.
    I love it. This same case was 8 times the price in a shopping mall near my home.
    Just buy it if you like it! A great deal and looks like it should last, another great deal at deal extreme or as we call it at our house....The Slow Boat from China!
  • super cute way to protect your phone

    posted by jessicatorres

    Its really cute and does prevent damages. and it really nicely made. the penguin it self is really cute.
    it may be kind of overwhelming for some people and it does call a lot of attention to it. the penguin 'wings' can irritate some people some times but i think it is totaly ok.
    if you are looking for a cheap but great and cute case this is it.
  • Good bargain, would recommend

    posted by martinafe

    Very well fitted protective case (for the Samsung S3). Nice stylish design, well made, convenient to hold - the sides of the panel are rugged so as to prevent it from slipping out of your hands. Output ports are easily accessible, and the case itself can be removed without hassle.
    As is clearly stated, it's a Back Case. Just saying.
    Love it, would definetly recommend it, especially analyzing its benifts against its low costs.
  • funny cover for samsung galaxy s3

    posted by owmikkelsen

    funny cover for samsung galaxy S3, easy to fit and comfortable to hold. You could put the phone with the glass down on the table, because there is a wide border around the front of the phone, so the glass is not in direct contact with the worktop
    not really any other thoughts
    if you would like to have the ability to change the appearance of his samsung galaxy S3, so this is a fine and ok product take price into consideration

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