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Buy a i9300 protective from DX.com! It's your best choice. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. protective bumper i9300 or protective i9300 screen contains many hot and popular products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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i9300 protective Customers Reviews

  • Great RED TPU Cover

    posted by colognesi

    TPU cover excellent, sturdy and has a great coupling to dispositivo.O my Galaxy S3 is red, and I had not found a cape of the same color of the device, so this cover was a treat, let the device more secure in the hands.
    The cover is sturdy and beautiful, and protects the device and how well it is coupled do not see much difference in the handling of the unit.
    Despite the introduction of the USB cable is not perfect, it is worth buying.
  • cant cover all the movile

    posted by BixyBix

    well, when i saw it on DX its seems nice to havebut when it arrived (after 1 month), and installed it, it gives a good look to the mobile, its just buying a new one, its not painted, its the same color of the material used to make this mobile cover
    well, it must be cheaper
    dont buy it if you want something to protect your mobile, but if you are looking for something in style this is your cover
  • Cheap & Good Case

    posted by mikerbt

    - It is a very robust case, you can use it underwater and in bad weather conditions (I bought it to film underwater and in the rain)- You can use your phone via the silicon skin while it is in the case (Underwater it responds not that well)- The casing protects your phone from impacts, dust and snow.- You can use this case for diving, but not lower then 3 meters.
    - Before you use this case with your phone, test it with a piece of paper if it is really waterproof. (As stated in the manual)- You can also use it as an protective case for heavy impacts (but I think you should only use it for the waterproof part, because when you break the case it would not be waterproof anymore)- The silicon skin is not suitable for heavy impacts and sharp objects so I recommend to use it only for the waterproof part.
    Good product it works really well, but you should also be careful when using it. I think it could be a little bit cheaper, but it is still a good price.
  • Good PET screen protector

    posted by jpessini

    It's really a good screen protector to your Galaxy S3 i9300.It fits perfectly into your cell phone.Comes with a clening cloth that helps into the process.No bubbles! No scratchs! No smashes.Good material and fits perfectly into the phone's screen.It comes tightly packed.
    Screen protector is simply a must have to cell phone owners.
    This screen protector is a good choice if you have a Galaxy S3.
  • great cover...stand does not look like long lasting

    posted by psenzanonna

    . Perfect fit. Total protection. Great looks. quality material overall
    great cover.
    a great cover with great look, that does not take away any design from the phone, in fact, it makes it look nicer. The stand is a very good feature for watching videos, or to use when working on a desk.Excellent cover overall....

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