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  • Works well in my Galaxy S3

    posted by TheCataplinez

    Very easy to install. It fits perfectly on the top side of the battery. The back cover fits smoothly and ensures good electrical contact between the card and the phone. When used in conjunction with a standard QI charger, the range is good.
    A good point is that it works with the phone original back cover. No need to replace it with a thicker, uglier and more expensive one, as seen with other models.
    Simple to use and effective.
  • Good solution if you tired of all these cables

    posted by IlyaSkriblovsky

    + No more inserting and ejecting cables all the time your want to charge your phone+ Receiving antenna for SGS3 included+ Soft-touch plastic+ Detects automatically if there is a phone on it and turns off its radio if not
    I'm a charging maniac and I always need to connect my phone to power source if I have any around me. This device makes it a little more convenient to me. For example, now I can put my phone on charger using only one hand.
    I love gadgets which makes some small everyday routine a little bit easier.
  • Holder for Samsung Galaxy s3

    posted by daniloanobre

    I would like to buy a holder for my cell phone and i think that choose one with a charger would be a good idea. It is real useful if you are traveling and need to charge your mobile.
    i guess it was a good order. i recommend it
    i have nothing else to say. If you are looking for a holder, buy this one
  • A small and handy charger for a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery

    posted by kallepee

    It is very small and easy to transport. Needs only a micro usb cord to charge. The battery feels tight enough in the charger so that it won't come off accidentally. Really easy to use, just plug the battery in and add power.
    If you have a spare battery, this charger will be handy asset.
    Good for charging your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery.
  • Great product

    posted by GIV1977

    It is build quite well, doesn't feel like it's made up cheap plastic. Comes with adapters so you can charge various devices with micro or USB output. good for phones and also tablets with larger batteries, large capacity - I think the price is justified.You can buy anywhere batteries AA and power supply any device.
    The cable adapter it's usefull. The box it's fantastic to carry on.The flashlight works verywell and it's usefull when you have to connect in dark sites.
    Good product, great for emergencies. Would buy again.

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