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i9300 case silver Customers Reviews

  • Decorative cover for samsung galaxy S

    posted by owmikkelsen

    Decorative cover for samsung galaxy S, easy to fit and comfortable to hold. You could put the phone with the glass down on the table, because there is a wide border around the front of the phone, so the glass is not in direct contact with the worktop
    not really any other thoughts
    if you would like to have the ability to change the appearance of his samsung galaxy S, so this is a fine and ok product take price into consideration
  • Good product

    posted by Clems57

    Has good quality. Price is cheap. Lens are (I think, in glass) which is cool. You really can zoom quite far and, of course, take videos and photo, like that.
    on y galaxy S III pictures are not "full frame" it has dark corner on it. So, forget to have full frame picture. Not a "cons" to me, but it has to be said. :-)
    good product, I would recommand it.
  • What I've been looking for! For a long time...

    posted by GGray

    The first positive thing is that it exists! Second, it's really cheap. It has actually good focus and good light that makes it easy to take good pictures at a long range with the phone camera! People that look at the pictures almost doesn't believe that it has been taken with a phone!
    The mounting of the Telescope Lens is by snapping a plastic piece on the backside and slide the lens in to a holder.It had been better if you just had to hang the lens right on the phone. Easier to carry just the lens and easier to mount. And maybe the round effect would have disappeared.
    I love it! Haven't seen anybody else - ever - with a telescope lens on a phone before, so it's always a fuzz when people see it.Then it actually works!
  • sleek and fitting

    posted by jenerationf

    the metalic silver was really sleek and nice. the fitting of the cover is great too. the silicon sides provided a pretty good grip as well.
    would be great if the cover is scratch proof. DUe to the solid back metalic silver cover, it may take quite some time to put the cover on, but overall, the fitting is pretty good.
    the quality is quite worth the price.

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